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Meaning of the name

Adriana translated from Greek means "inhabitant of Adria".


Adriana is an ambitious, overly self-confident woman who is used to relying only on her own judgment. He is a pragmatist with a strong will. She has a clear and logical, but cold mind. Adrian does not give in to someone else's influence, and does not change the decisions made. She is materialistic and loves money.

Often, Adriana can be called an intriguer. She is stubborn and not inclined to reckon with the opinions of others. Adrian treats failures very painfully, takes them as a personal insult, and takes revenge for every insult. Adriana is able to sincerely help and sympathize only with those who win her heart.

Adriana has an exceptional intuition and a keen sense of morality. She is always full of charm. She takes advantage of the sensitivity of others and subdues them to herself. But there is always some danger behind her charm.

A woman with this name is distinguished by excellent health, both physical and mental, which she manages to maintain for a long time. She achieves success wherever feminine tact, caution and determination are required, reaches professional heights in the artistic field, in archeology, history, restoration of works of art, in museum work.

Adriana acts energetically enough. These women have very few friends because they do not want anyone to know about their personal life, and also because, in their opinion, few people deserve the title of friend.


Adrian attaches importance to sexuality only when she meets the man of her dreams, and only if intimate communication helps her to keep the object of her love. She leads the house well, is a hospitable hostess. As a woman, Adriana is worthy of surprise, but whoever is next to her must have a strong character and endurance.


Dark brown.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Libra.


The sound of the name Adelia gives the impression of something good, kind, light, gentle, feminine.

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