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Abig - chant
Abidemi - born in the absence of a father
Abimbola - born to wealth
Abioi - born into the royal family
Abrafo - warrior or executioner
Abubakar - noble
Adebowall - the king is back
Adegouk - the king is great
Adetokanbo - the king has arrived from across the sea
Adisa is the one who has no doubts
Adio - pious
Aiko - Pious
Azubuik - back is your strength
Amadi - stillborn
Anan is the fourth child born
Arapmoi - son of war
Asita - God of the sun
Afolabi - born in wealth

Baako - the first born
Babajayd - father is alive again
Babatand - the father has returned
Budd - night
Bamidel - follow me home
Bapoto - born amid noise, quarrels
Barasa - born on Saturday
Bowaddin is a big dog
Bosed - Born on Sunday
Boipelo - proud
Boipuzo - freedom, independence
Fightingly - joy
Bockarie - promising
Bomani is a fighter
Bongani - grateful
Bohlale - wisdom
Bugjun - grief
Buziba - deep sea
Buru - bull
Butannaziba - born in the evening
Bhekizita - not missing enemies

Vekesa - born at the time of the harvest

Gazini - blood
Gakeru - Spy
Gamyuka - second in command
Ganju - wild cat
Gatera - famous
Gachi is a small river
Gwala is a coward
Guandoya - suffering
Gvembesh - bow-legged
Godlumtakati - holding back the magic
Gotto - contrite
Gugu is a treasure

Dabulamanzi - water separator
Dakarei - happiness
Grandfather - grasshopper
Delmar - sea
Jebhuza - the sword-bearer
Jelani - powerful
Jango - builder
Jero - cruel
Dzhikoni - bird
Jitinji - butcher
Jituku is cunning
Jumaan - born on Tuesday
Domevlo - knows the true value
Dubaku is the eleventh child born
Dumizani - glorious
Dumisa - random thunder
Duna - head
Dube - zebra
Dayo - joy arrives

Zikimo - the great
Zuberi - strong
Zemba - trust

Idow - born after twins
Isingoma - the first of the twins
Izoba - walking slowly, stealthily
Izok - hairy
Izuba - walking slowly, stealthily
Imamu - spiritual guide
Imu - darkness, dusk

Kamo - the silent warrior
Katlego - success
Kato is the second of the twins
Kashil - hidden
Kwabena - born on Tuesday
Quadwo - born on monday
Kwaku - born on Wednesday
Kwam - born on Saturday
Kwasi - born on Sunday
Kwezi - Born on Sunday
Kweku - born on Wednesday
Kgozi - leader, king
Kernils - trumpeter
Kefilv - given
Kibw - Blessed
Kinizela - stubborn
Kirabo - a gift
Kobina - born on Tuesday
Kobe - turtle
Kojo - Born on Monday
Kofi - Born on Friday
Kayode - bringing joy

Luzala - whip

Mazozi - tears
Mwenai - lord, owner
Meliziz - leader of the nation
Mozie is the firstborn
Mudiva - the beloved
Munash - with God
Matata - troublemaker

Ngozi - blessing
Ndidi - patience
Neo is a gift
Nkemdilim - forever mine
Nkozana - prince
Nkrumah is the ninth child born
Nnamdi - named after grandfather
Nsia is the sixth child born
Nsonoua is the seventh child born
Ntanda is a star

Obi - heartfelt
Odhiambo - born in the evening
Olabood - Returning Wealth
Olanreuoju - my wealth - the future
Olujimi - given by God
Olukayod - God brings happiness
Olumide - God Arrives
Oluuosegun - God is the winner
Oluuosey - God made this
Oluwoseun - we thank God
Oluwotoin - God is worthy of praise
Olufemi - God loves me
Oluchi - the work of God
Oniekachukwu - who is greater than God?
Ootvi - the eighth born
Opeiemi - praised
Otino - born in the evening
Oching - born when the sun shines

Pakistani - witness
Peach - diamond

Refilv - granted to us
Rudo - love
Runako - attractive
Rutendo - Faith

Syed - happy
Samanya - unknown
Sizv - nation
Sizambile - we trust
Simba - lion
Sitshwayo - slandered
Sipho - a gift

Thabo - joy
Taonga - grateful
Tafadzwa - we are glad
Tafari - fearsome
Taitnda - thanks
Tinash - God is with us
Tychaona - We Will See
That is a lion

Udo - Peaceful
Uzoma - following the right path
Uzochi - the way of God
Unati - God - with us
Wasswa is the first of the twins

Fumb - viverra (small carnivorous mammal)
Fangei - the thinker
Farage - Superior
Farey - joy
Femi - God loves me
Firun - rain
Foul - respect and honor me
Fudu the turtle
Fulazela - turn back
Ffamb - viverra (small carnivorous mammal)

Hamizi - born on Thursday
Hlatshveyo - the one who gets hit
Hlelile - altered
Khlendzhiv - saved

Chakaid - weasel
Chibuez - God is king
Chibuzo - God is the leader
Chijanda - traveler
Chidi - God exists
Chidiber - God is merciful
Chidubem - by God
Chizoba - God protects us
Chilongola - firstborn
Chima - knows God
Chimeka - God does great things
Chimola - destroyer
Chinv is God
Chinwendu - God lives
Ching is the creator
Chinedu - God leads
Chiratizo - symbol
Chitemo - ax
Chiumbo - small
Chukvuemeka - God created something great

Eyo - joy
Eyodel - joy came to the house
Eyokanl - joy filled the house
Eyomaid - joy has come
Eyotand - the joy has returned
Ekandeyo - sorrow becomes joy
Equuem - he speaks, he does
Ekenedilichukvu - all praise to God
Ekin - praise
Emeka - great things
Enayola is rich
Eniinnaya is a friend of his father
Enitan is a man of history, famous
Enu - fifth born

Jav - born on Thursday

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