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The fauna is rich in its diversity. We have created many amazing new animals, our story will be about the most unusual of them.

Zebroid. To create such an animal, zebras were crossed with horses or donkeys, ponies. The idea to cross related species appeared quite a long time ago, for the first time these hybrids appeared in the 19th century. Usually the father is a zebra. Very rarely, a donkey is a father. Zebroids are distinguished from zebras. The hybrid is much more comfortable to ride. The new species stands out with its unusual coloration. Some of it may belong to a horse, and some to a zebra. The nature of the new species is rather unpredictable; it is more difficult to train. Also, zebroids are born quite painful and underdeveloped, most of these animals live only a few days. And they are often deprived of the opportunity to have offspring.

Liger and tiger. These animals were born by crossing predatory felines. Liger has a lion father and a tigress mother. And the tiger lion, on the contrary, is a cross between a male tiger and a lioness. Ligers are quite large, they are generally considered the largest cats in the world. They look like large lions, but with blurry stripes. But tigers are small in size, they end up growing smaller than their parents. Liger Hercules lives in Miami, whose height is as much as 3 meters, and its weight is 544 kilograms. In a hybrid, males are sterile. But their females sometimes have the opportunity to bear offspring. Ligers love to swim, like tigers, unlike lions.

Beefalo. This breed was developed with the aim of obtaining the best possible source of meat. For this, scientists crossed a cow and an American bison. Science also knows similar hybrids - bison, cross between cattle and yaks. New species are created so that they can inherit the best properties of their parents and produce more meat. Beefalo has a bright red color, which is important, it contains much less cholesterol than traditional beef. The truth is that most buyers do not even know about the existence of such a product. After all, you can buy it only in a few Seattle stores. Beefalo breeders say that its meat also has a more delicate and subtle aroma and taste than beef.

Verblum. This animal is a hybrid of a llama and a camel. The first camelum was born in 1995. Since the size of the animals does not allow them to mate in vivo, scientists were forced to resort to artificial insemination. The resulting hybrid has short ears and a long camel tail. But the hooves of the camelulam are double, the legs are very strong and rather long. But this is very important for long travels in the deserts. Cameblama is a strong but small animal. In addition, it is also devoid of a hump, and its fur is fluffy, like that of a llama. Breeders have been trying for a long time to develop a new hybrid. It was possible to obtain it only by using a camel as a father and a mother lama.

Levopard. This animal is the result of crossing a lioness and a male leopard. The body resembles a leopard, there is also a characteristic color. The spots are not black, but brown. But the head looks more like a lion. The new hybrid is larger than the leopard in size. Levopard loves to climb trees and swim in the water. The first documented mention of this animal occurs in 1910 in India. The most successful experiments in breeding Levopard were carried out in Japan. Lioness Sonoko from the leopard Kaneo in 1959 gave birth to two cubs, and three years later three more. Male hybrids were found to be sterile, the last of which died in 1985. But one of the females was able to give birth to offspring from a hybrid of a lion and a jaguar.

Servakot. This hybrid is often referred to as a savannah cat. It turned out by crossing an ordinary domestic cat and a wild African serval cat with a spotted color. And in order to get the most beautiful individuals, different breeds of cats are used. It can be Bengali, Serengeti, Egyptian Mau or Oriental Shorthair. The Serengeti breed itself was recently created by crossing Bengal and Oriental breeds. It is named after a national park in northern Tanzania, Africa. This is where the serval dwells. In 2001, the Savannah cat was officially recognized as a new breed by the International Cat Association. Servakot turned out to be a beautiful and strong animal. It is much more friendly than regular house cats. Servacots are believed to be as loyal as dogs. They are taught to walk on a leash, to bring an abandoned stick or even shot game. Servakot should have black or brown spots, silver or black color according to the standards. Usually these animals have high, erect ears, a long thin neck and head, and a short tail. The Servakot's eyes are blue in childhood and green in adulthood. These cats weigh from 6 to 14 kilograms. They are not cheap, as for pets - from $ 600 and more.

Polar grizzly bear. Such a hybrid was created by crossing a polar polar bear and a grizzly bear. Surprisingly, the genetic relationship does not lead to interbreeding of these species in the wild. They simply avoid each other, occupying different ecological niches. The grizzly bear prefers to live and breed on land, but the polar bear has chosen water and ice. However, in 2006, in the Canadian Arctic, a strange bear was discovered on Banki Island. The study of his DNA allowed him to be declared a polar grizzly, born in natural conditions. Similar individuals have met before, just then DNA analysis was impossible. The polar grizzly bear has thick, creamy white fur similar to that of polar bears. It has long claws, a humped back, small facial features, and brown spots around the eyes and nose, which are typical of a grizzly bear.

A hybrid of a ram and a goat. In 2000, a ram and a goat were accidentally crossed in Botswana. The animals were simply kept together. The new animal was named "Toast of Botswana". A ram and a goat have a different number of chromosomes - 54 and 60. Therefore, their offspring are usually stillborn. But the surviving hybrid was able to inherit the traits of both of its parents at once. He has long hair like a sheep and goat legs. The outer hair was coarse and the inner part of the coat was soft. The animal turned out to have a heavy ram body. At 5 years old, it weighed 93 kilograms. The animal had 57 chromosomes, which was the average between the number of its parents. The hybrid turned out to be very active, with increased libido, although sterile. That is why at 10 months he was castrated. Cases of obtaining such a hybrid were noted in New Zealand and Russia.

Red parrot fish. In Asia, they adore aquarium fish, constantly creating new species. This species was bred in Taiwan in 1986. How such a mutation was obtained is still a secret. After all, this allows local breeders to continue to maintain a monopoly on these fish. Rumor has it that the cyclid midas was crossed with the red cichlid. Their fry are gray-black, but by 5 months they turn bright orange or pink. We learned this fish in the 90s, they bring it here from Singapore and other countries of Southeast Asia. If a red parrot is placed in an aquarium, then the fish can grow there up to 10-15 centimeters. The color can vary greatly, in addition to orange, yellow is also possible. At some point in their lives, parrots can be crimson, purple and bright red. However, over time, they all acquire an orange color. Experts advise feeding this fish special foods with carotene, this will help enhance the bright red color of their body. The resulting hybrid also has some pronounced anatomical deformations. For example, the mouth looks like a narrow vertical slit. Because of this, these fish are very difficult to feed, and many of them die prematurely for this reason.

Hybrid pheasant. This bird was obtained by crossing a golden pheasant with a diamond one. As a result, the new bird received a unique color of its plumage.

Kosatkodelphin. Quite rarely, but still it is possible to cross aquatic animals. It is a fruit of a dolphin from the bottlenose family and a small black killer whale. There are only two such individuals in captivity. They both live in Hawaii, in the marine park. The sizes of the hybrids are somewhere in between the original species. The name of the first orca dolphin is known - Kekaimalu. The cross is well defined by the teeth. If the bottlenose dolphin has 88, and the killer whale has 44, then the hybrid has 66.

Pig from the Iron Age. To obtain such a breed, domestic Temvor pigs are crossed with wild boars. And so it turns out a pig from the Iron Age. This hybrid is much more tame than wild boar. However, it is not as malleable as ordinary domestic pigs. The resulting animals are raised for the meat used in some specialty sausages and other products.

Dog wolf. These animals often and freely interbreed in nature. The wolf is a rather cautious animal, its behavior is unique, the hunter's instinct is very developed. The dog's jaws are not as well developed as those of its wild predatory relative. When crossed, wolves are more shy than dogs. It is impossible to predict how the hybrid will behave in the future. Long training is required to tame the dog. After all, a hybrid can unwittingly choose the line of behavior of any of its parents. The wolf can become a very dangerous creature. After all, he will be cunning and predatory, like a wolf and fearless in relation to a person, like a dog. Recently, in the Czech Republic, dog handlers decided to cross single Carpathian wolves with German shepherds. The specialists wanted to get the perfect police dog. But it turned out that the resulting wolf was not suitable for such work. The animals were either nervous and cowardly, or unnecessarily angry and aggressive. The resulting breed was nevertheless recognized and named the Czech spinning top. In Holland, they tried to cross all the same German shepherds and Canadian schooling wolves. The results were also not what they expected. But another breed appeared - the Saarloss Wolfhond. And in Moscow they crossed a Siberian husky and a jackal. The goal was to create a new breed that would be as docile as a dog and would have the keen sense of a wild animal. However, the results will be clear only after the third generation of the new breed.

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