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Animals are prized for many of their qualities. In particular, it is about creativity.

There are many animal artists in the world who create their own paintings. Let's talk about the most famous artists of the animal world.

Boar Smithfield. This artist's creations sell for $ 50-150. The future painting genius was born in Richmond, Virginia. There, the hog Smithfield received the nickname Pig-Casso for his talents. The first part of the nickname means "pig", and the second is part of the famous Picasso's surname. The owner of the grunting artist is Fran Martin. It was she who quickly taught her curious pet to hold a brush in his mouth and paint over the canvas with it. The woman claims that Smithfield also has his favorite color - blue. It is his pig that most often chooses for drawing. Only now, scientists say that pigs do not know how to distinguish colors at all. The talented painter quickly became popular. Smithfield was often invited to major fairs and charity events. The Animal Artist was even honored to appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The prudent mistress taught her pet to smile charmingly and pose for television cameras. The public's pig itself is not at all embarrassed, bathing in universal love and attention. In 2003, the artist fell ill. Doctors diagnosed him with nasal cancer, in this case a patch. Smithfield was forced to go through a course of chemotherapy and undergo several operations. The disease receded, but now the pig has become even more like Van Gogh. After all, if he lost part of the ear, then the animal lost part of the patch.

Stewie the anteater. The paintings of this artist do not yet have a price, because they simply are not for sale. And it all started with the fact that Oregon resident Angela Goodwin from a shelter for abandoned animals took Stewie the anteater to her upbringing. The woman loved these animals. A female anteater Pua already lived in her house. However, unlike Florida-born Stewie, his girlfriend was born outside the United States, in Guyana. The new occupant of the house quickly settled into his new home. The anteater learned to open bedside tables and wardrobes, began to climb into the drawers of the table, roll on the refrigerator doors. The owner taught her pet simple but funny things. The anteater has learned to stand and walk on its hind legs, he waves goodbye, loves to kiss and even eat with a spoon. And after this tool, Stuy also mastered the brush. The hostess hoped that drawing would bring him pleasure. After all, the brain must be loaded with something else besides endless pranks. And even if the work of the anteater looks rather amateur compared to its animal counterparts. There was still hope that Stewie would hone her skills over time. However, it will not be possible to know for sure, because the anteater died in 2008 from an autoimmune disease.

Chimpanzee Congo. Experts say that this monkey is the most famous painter of all animals. And her paintings cost from 900 to 8500 dollars. So, in 2005, three paintings of chimpanzees were sold at the Bonhams auction for an impressive amount of 14,400 pounds. But the artist himself did not see this triumph. The monkey died back in 1964, having lived for 10 years. But the glory went to the Congo during her lifetime. It is said that Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró were admired for the talents of the monkey painter. And thanks to zoologists, chimpanzees were able to be creative. They gave the monkey a piece of paper and a pencil. It soon turned out that Congo was good at drawing circles and even understood the principles of composition. But the monkey did not immediately fall in love with paints. At first she just sprayed them on the canvas. It took two years of hard training until Congo learned how to properly hold the brush in his hand and knead the colors. It is interesting that the artist always painted within the limits of the sheet, without crossing its borders. Kongo knew exactly when to take the last stroke and stop. In 1957, the first exhibition of the artist's creations was held, it aroused great interest among the public. In total, this talented painter created more than 400 paintings and drawings during his life. In his last years, he was so accustomed to art that he became hysterical when his paper and paints were taken away from him.

Asian elephants. These animals are engaged in painting in Thailand, and paintings by giants cost from 200 to 12 thousand dollars. Back in the late 90s, a whole project was launched, which aimed not only to protect elephants in Asia, but also to introduce them to creativity. The creative association "Komar and Melamid" came up with such a program. It was headed by American artists of Russian origin Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid. They came up with an unusual program that would allow elephants to learn to draw. With her, they went to Thailand. After all, new skills would give animals a second chance. Indeed, many elephants, after the introduction of quotas for deforestation, were simply left without work. This program expanded rapidly. Today it operates not only in Thailand, but also in Cambodia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Elephants are placed in a large camp near the forest or right in it. Animals paint in different styles. Some people like abstractions, while others can very believably depict a bouquet of flowers or a tree. There are also elephants who paint self-portraits. Animals are even taken out into nature, giving them the opportunity to draw from nature. The project has its own official website, where you can purchase works of animal artists. At the same time, the buyer, along with the picture, is also given a certificate of its authenticity, as well as a biography of the creator of this creation.

Ocelot Padfoot. At the Phoenix Zoo in Arizona, visitors have their own favorites. Meet the ocelot Padfoot. In his natural environment, he lives in Latin America. This is such a rare animal that there are few in any zoos. The local character is doubly unique. After all, this animal discovered the gift of painting. This talent in Padfoot was discovered by the menagerie workers in 2004. Then the big cat had just fallen into captivity and really missed freedom. The caretakers originally decided to entertain the ocelot. A canvas was attached to the wall, then several colorful strokes were made on it. This interested the animal very much. Padfoot began to approach the paper more and more often, then began to rub against it with his neck, head, and then all over with his body. This painting technique is rather unusual for cats-artists, because they usually use the most convenient means for this - their front paws. Experts say that domestic cats love to paint more than wild ones. The phenomenon of love for painting in these animals originated in ancient Egypt. It is said that an ancient burial was found about ten years ago, in which a papyrus with a cat's paw print was found. And in 1994 a humorous book "Why do cats paint?" There the author cheerfully discusses what prompts these pets to paint. The book contains descriptions of the main techniques and styles used by the artists. Part of the text is given to biographies of the most famous cat artists. True, Padfoot did not find a place there, his phenomenon was revealed later. Today, the talented ocelot continues to delight his fans with new works distributed at online auctions.

Mustang Choya. This horse got its nickname after one of the cactus species. The fact is that on the ranch where the mustang was born, the animal was raised by cowboys. At the same time, they did not hesitate to use harsh methods. Over time, Choya changed the owner, he was the ballerina Rene Chambers. The woman discovered that her pet was traumatized both mentally and physically. For several years, the patient mistress sought the trust of her pet. As a result, he fell in love with Rene so much that he began to relentlessly follow her everywhere. The horse's love for painting came to light by chance. In April 2004, the hostess was painting the fence and Choya was there as usual. Rene remembered that her pet loves to take objects in its teeth. So she decided to see what the mustang would do with the brush. The woman attached paper to the fence, dipped a brush in paint and brought it closer to the animal's head. Since then, Choya began a career as a painter. The animal's works have been exhibited not only in the USA. Paintings were bought in other countries as well. And for Choya himself, painting became more than just a favorite hobby. Painting was therapeutic. As a result of its new occupation, the horse completely forgot about its cruel past. According to scientists, Choya draws not because he was taught to do it, but absolutely spontaneously. Paintings by the animal artist are sold at prices ranging from 900 to 10 thousand dollars.

Turtle Koopa. The artist's paintings can be bought for $ 125-200. The mistress of the turtle is an eccentric artist from the United States, Kira Ein Varzeji. She herself is quite famous for painting canvases with her bare breasts. Apparently, there is no limit to eccentricity. Once the artist decided to introduce her pet to the work. The journey from a normally land turtle to a world renowned artist took only a few months. Today, Coopa's paintings are in every American state, his works are in Belgium, Holland, Italy, England, Germany, Australia, Canada and Bahrain. To the owner's credit, it must be said that part of the proceeds from the sale of her pet's paintings is given to charitable organizations that save turtles. Koopa himself cannot draw, which is understandable. Kira Ann helps him. She squeezes the paint out of the tubes onto thick cardboard. And then a turtle crawls there, smearing colors on the paper with its belly. This is how original paintings are made, made in the style of abstract expressionism. The hostess comes up with loud names for them - "Symphony", "Energy", "Lost in Translation". It took the turtle and its owner five years to create more than 800 paintings. They are created quite quickly - on each Koopa spends only about 20 minutes.

Chimpanzee Chita. This is one of the oldest animal painters in the world. Chita is a sedate male who has turned 75 years old. Today his paintings cost at least $ 135. The monkey was originally called Jiggs. However, in the 1930-1940s, chimpanzees starred in films in films about Tarzan. On the screen, the animal embodied the role of the friend of the protagonist, the monkey Chita. This name and then stuck to Jiggs. In 1967, the animal's film career ended. The actor's pension was held at the villa of Dan Westphal, in California. There was a kind of retirement home for those retired show business monkeys. And the animals themselves help to help such private ownership of Westphal. After all, Chita, together with his grandson Jiter, paint good pictures. These works have even been exhibited at the National Museum in London. In 2008, even the "autobiography" of the movie star with the unpretentious title "I, Chita" was released. True, the name of the real author was removed from the cover. The animal's guardians joke that Chita is so talented that he could well have written this book himself. During its long life, the monkey not only learned to draw, but also fell in love with hamburgers with Coca-Cola, learned to smoke. Not so long ago, Chita was diagnosed with diabetes. Now the guardian keeps his main pet on the strictest diet.

Bottlenose dolphins Argas, Gabia and Gloria. Everyone has long known that dolphins stand out with their intelligence among other mammals. These sea animals love to create. Artists are common among them. However, some dolphins also achieve success in this field. The bottlenose dolphins Argas, Gabia and Gloria are living examples. They live in Klaipeda, in the dolphinarium at the Lithuanian Maritime Museum. And they draw with the help of their coach. A man holds in his hands a palette and a hard pad with paper on it. The dolphin himself chooses the color of the paint. The animal dips the paintbrush and applies very chaotic strokes to the paper. Curiously, each dolphin has its own technique. As a result, the viewer can easily recognize which animal has painted which picture. The leader of the pack is Argas. He most often chooses bright colors, carrying out wide and confident strokes. Gloria makes lighter and more airy paintings. But Gabia became famous for her special skill and living works. The works of this trinity were presented at the exhibition "Messages of Water", held in 2010 at the Museum of the World Ocean in Kaliningrad. You can find pictures of these dolphins at some charity auction. They cost there from 40 to 3000 dollars. Similar marine animals-artists are also in the dolphinariums of Gurzuf and Ufa. And on the island of Key Largo, California, in the dolphinarium, anyone can participate in the creation of such a picture for $ 125.

Jack Russell Terrier Tillamook Cheddar. This artist in his skill may well compete with people. This terrier responds better to the nickname Tilly. On his account there are already more than twenty personal exhibitions not only at home, in the USA, but also in Europe. The dog was repeatedly invited to popular TV shows, such authoritative publications as "The Guardian" and "Esquire" wrote about him. And in 2006, Tilly's biography was published, which tells the whole creative path of the animal. The book was written by the owner of the dog, writer Bowman Hasti III. True, this man modestly calls himself all just an assistant to his pet. Indeed, Tilly cannot do without outside help. The artist paints his paintings on special canvases. In order to prepare it, take a sheet of copy paper and fix it on a sheet of watercolor. Then the workpiece is wrapped in a protective film. It protects the painting from being destroyed by the dog. After all, she does not use brushes at all when drawing. The main tool is teeth and claws. The dog scratches and bites the top layer of the workpiece. And with the help of carbon paper, prints remain on watercolor paper. This is how lithographic paintings are made. Their cost is quite high and ranges from one to two thousand dollars. In 2005, the artist dog left offspring. However, the love of painting was not passed on to any of the heirs. The owner, Tilly, claims that in her pet, the craving for drawing appeared at the age of six months.

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