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For the first time, animals began to receive inheritance from their owners at the end of the 19th century. Although the relatives tried to cool the capital, they failed.

Until the end of their days, both the mongrel and the purebred Great Dane bathed in luxury. Freddie Mercury bequeathed an impressive amount of salt to the Queen group to his furry favorites.

Today in Russia there are no millionaire animals, the fact is that the courts usually take the side of relatives. But in America, things look different. There are entire companies out there that specialize in providing financial services to animals. The local law enforcement system is extremely reluctant to reverse will decisions in favor of animals. After all, the pressure on the testator simply could not be carried out by a pet.

Although the list of the richest people on the planet is regularly published, for some reason they forget about the richest animals. But reading about them is even awkwardly inconvenient, because such money bags did less for acquiring a fortune than any of us. Here is a list of the richest animals that have earned their wealth by inheriting from their beloved owners.

Gunther. This dog has a bank account with $ 145 million. At the same time, the German shepherd Gunther IV living in Italy received its capital not from a person at all, but inherited from his father, Gunther III. The German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein also left millions. The rich dog has his own country house, the former mansion of Madonna in Miami perfectly suited this role. This home was not the first for the dog, its guardians bought it for 7.5 million dollars. According to the assistant, Gunther is very pleased with the house with 9 rooms and 8 toilets. The millionaire is driven by a personal chauffeur in a BMW convertible. The rich man was recently even fined by the police after being seen in the front seat. But that was the shooting of a documentary film for German television. Among the delicacies on the rich dog's menu are white truffles, which cost $ 1,000 apiece.

Blackie. Blackie the cat is considered the richest on Earth. 25 million dollars - such a fortune was left to him by the deceased owner of Ben Ri. However, his relatives received nothing at all. But the reclusive millionaire was able to provide his beloved cat with the best - selected fish and elite collars. Blackie's cat even got into the Guinness Book of Records, however, it is not known where he is and what he does. Following the example of its owner, the millionaire animal also leads a solitary life, not flickering in the secular news.

Gigu. Numerous relatives of this chicken have fulfilled their duty to humanity - they got into soup or on a festive table in a baked form. Gig was lucky. Corydalis ended up in the will of publishing tycoon Michael Blackville after he lost his wife. As a result, the chicken owns $ 10 million.

Trouble. This little dog has earned the nickname of a homeless millionaire. After the death of her owner, Leona Hamsley, the dog inherited $ 12 million. The billionaire inherited about $ 2 billion from her late husband. The woman turned out to be very greedy, although she owned rich real estate in New York. Mrs. Hamsley believed that only "greedy people" paid taxes. She managed to become the first billionaire who ended up in jail for non-payment. Only the Maltese lapdog Trouble aroused tender feelings in a woman. Only now the dog had a bad temper, Leona's former maid even sued her, as the dog constantly bit her. After the owner's death, a series of lawsuits reduced the dog's capital to $ 2 million. The remaining 10 million went to the brother of the deceased, who will take care of the capricious dog. Now the lapdog will have to restrain her aristocratic habits, will the usual foie gras remain on the menu after this? And the bones for the millionaire were chewed by a special four-legged assistant. Leona left nothing to her grandchildren. According to her will, the dog after death will be buried between her husband and herself in the family mausoleum. $ 3 million was allocated for the maintenance of the crypt and for the organization of the upcoming ceremonial funeral.

Tinker. The fate of this cat turned in an unexpected way. The former homeless vagabond was attracted by one old woman. Tinker was included in her will shortly before the death of the widow Margaret Lane. It turned out that she ordered not only to allocate 225 thousand dollars to the cat, but also to leave him her house. According to the will, the cat has the right to live there until his death. Such a will provoked a storm of protests. As a result, it was not possible to fulfill the will of the deceased - due to threats, the cat had to move to a quieter place. The widow wrote in her will that her inheritance would pass to the guardians, her children, only 21 years later or after Tinker's death.

Tomazzino. A similar fate awaited another homeless person. The Italian cat fell into the hands of a lonely and very wealthy Maria Assunta. The very hit of a mongrel creature in such conditions can be considered a great success. However, in 2009, the 92-year-old mistress, left without close relatives, made an unusual will. She indicated that all of her bank accounts, apartments in Rome and Milan, as well as land in Calabria, were transferred to Tommasino and his several friends - the same stray cats. At the end of 2011, Maria Assunta passed away. The woman with oddities nevertheless showed prudence by appointing a person responsible for observing her will and the conditions of inheritance. Stefania, a 48-year-old nurse, will manage millions in favor of Tomazzino. She looked after the old woman in the last years of her life, having met the heir and his tastes. Stefania herself says that she could not even think about the wealth of her client, as well as about her desire to convey everything to the cat. Tomazzino himself continues to bathe in happiness. He doesn't need money - they would give him a bowl of milk and his favorite cookies. According to the will, he will be pampered for a long time with delicacies and gifts, as the hostess wanted.

Tina and Kate. Millionaire Nora Hardwell did not live to see her 90th birthday just one day. According to her will, she left her border collie about 720 thousand dollars, as well as a house and 5 acres of land. Guardians are instructed to carefully look after the dogs and maintain perfect cleanliness in their home.

Silverstone. Even reptiles are among the wealthy heirs. The Silverstone turtle hardly realizes how lucky she is. Book magnate Christina Foyle left her as much as $ 2 million. Handyman Anthony Silith and his wife Eileen will be able to help the 50-year-old turtle manage such capital.

Kalu. This monkey has a capital of 74 million euros. Patricia O'Neill was so fond of animals that she made her will in favor of them. All of her several dozen dogs and a dozen cats remained with the money. But most of the money went to the beloved chimpanzee Kalu, including real estate in Cape Town. Interestingly, the millionaire's husband, swimmer Frank O'Neill, was literally without funds. His wife made a will while he competed at the Sydney Olympics.

Toby. This poodle has lived his whole life in luxury. The Wendell family of millionaires have always adored dogs. Four-legged friends always ate the finest delicacies, they even had their own personal butler. The little dogs slept in their own separate bedrooms, on carved beds with satin sheets. Caring hostess Ella Wendell left a legacy of $ 30 million to her main favorite, Toby's poodle. This will help him get over parting with a good mistress.

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