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Meaning of the name

August in translation from Latin means "majestic", "sacred".


The baby named by this majestic name grows up as an ordinary child, even weaker than others.

The adult August is distinguished by modesty, punctuality and commitment. Anything that their hands touch will be done accurately and accurately.

They do not easily get along with people, but in family life they will be happy. They marry for love, and their choice is successful.

Born in winter, August is talented and bright, but very touchy and loves to argue over trifles. It is difficult to maintain communication with him. Happy in his second marriage. A silly nature brings a lot of complications.

Born in summer - a very economical, even stingy owner, he is disinterested and hardworking.

August, born in autumn, is a diplomat, knows how to get along with people, think a hundred times before making a decision.

August is a capable person who goes through life in a difficult, but his own way. Among them there are many deeply believers, some devote themselves to serving God.


With harsh and rude women, Augustus simply has nothing to do with it. Most often, August enters into an intimate relationship with a partner whom he has known for a long time and well, I am sure that she will not be able to hurt him. In many cases, this caution of August is completely unfounded: he is sexy enough, has great sexual potential, but is so insecure that he does not know about his abilities at all.

Only with a woman who truly loves him can he fully know himself. Often, young August has the first sexual contact with a partner much older than himself, and for a long time such women attract his attention.

Their experience enables him to build self-confidence, and he treats them with gratitude throughout his life. August is affectionate and gentle with women, which especially captivates them. She prefers prolonged sexual play, spends a lot of time preparing her partner for sexual intercourse.

August loves conversations with comrades on sexual topics, but he himself is usually silent, listening carefully about the experience of others.

August is picky, squeamish, he, as a rule, does not have a permanent partner for a long time, and if he does, he does not live with her, his life conditions are less favorable for sex than married men. Relationship with a friend has a great influence on his activity in bed. Her sexual behavior and psychological state determine how relaxed August will be, capable of fully satisfying his and her partner's desires.

Augustus's attitude to love can be said in the words of Maupassant; "When you love, there is nothing better than giving, always giving, everything, everything, life, thoughts, body, everything that you have, and feel that you are giving, and put everything on the line to be able to give even more."

August is looking for an intelligent woman, otherwise the relationship will not last long. But he is not indifferent to his partner's temperament. During coitus, August alternates between hard and soft "styles", not allowing the woman's arousal to stabilize at one level and contributing to its build-up.

August knows how to change his behavior in a timely manner, switch in a new way in sex, which helps him to bring his girlfriend to orgasm, relax himself and enjoy the completed act.

In marriage, he is uncompromising, calculating. He does not interfere in women's affairs. In the house he does everything with his own hands, loves children, pays a lot of attention to their upbringing (as a rule, boys are born to him).

"Winter" August is more decisive, active in relationships with the opposite sex. His sexual potential is very high and he never doubts his strength. He likes partners who are experienced, but compliant, capable of responding to his every demand, anticipating his desires.

He is especially pleased with the simultaneous orgasm with his partner. In sexual relations, the "November" woman will be the best choice for him, but marriage with her will be unsuccessful.

"Autumn" August in sex is moderate, not a supporter of sophisticated methods of love, hardly accepts all the innovations proposed by the partner.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Aquarius.


The sound of the name August gives the impression of something beautiful, round, majestic, courageous, strong, loud, brave, mighty, big, active, bright, joyful.

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