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In any area of ​​life, a special place is given to rare things. That is why this list of truly rare and most valuable items in their field is provided.

Gems. Topping the list, of course, are gems. They have long been considered a symbol of luxury and wealth. The most rare and most famous jewel is considered to be a red diamond, and paintite is distinguished from semiprecious ones. The number of red diamonds is quite large, but only a few can be called large ones. Such an unusual color is determined by human intervention at the atomic level. The largest red diamond weighs 5.11 carats and is owned by Moussaieff Jewelers Ltd. The first paintite was discovered about 60 years ago in Burma; for half a century there were only a couple of such stones in the world, which made them unique. However, not so long ago, a deposit of painites was found, which increased their amount to a hundred. This rare stone is orange or reddish brown in color due to the presence of iron.

Shakespeare's signature. The next rarity is the signature of the famous Shakespeare. Skeptics still debate whether he really wrote all those famous tragedies and comedies. While experts are figuring out, autographs of the author himself are rapidly becoming more expensive. Today, the most expensive signature of Shakespeare is estimated at 5 million dollars, but only 6 of them have come down to us, which made the writer's autographs the rarest. The uniqueness of the signatures is given by the fact that these are, in fact, the only samples of his signatures. After all, not a single handwritten work of the English writer has ever been found, which gave rise to a wave of doubts. Three of these six signatures are on Shakespeare's will, another on paper that proves ownership of the London house, and twice William signed on paper for the rights to the play and the testimony in court.

Asher. Some animals are also rare. And we are not talking about exotic species, but about pets that can be presented to the whole world, showing their high status. The most unusual breed of domestic cats is Ashera. This hybrid was named after the Phoenician goddess, mistress and foremother of the rest of the gods. The cat was bred in 2006 based on biotechnology. The genes of the African serval and the Asian leopard cat have been added to the common genes of the domestic cat. However, later it turned out that these animals belong to the Savannah breed, bred in an American nursery, this was confirmed by DNA tests. However, Asher cats are the largest of the domesticated. Their weight can reach 14 kilograms, and their length is up to 1 meter. The high price is not surprising - an unusual kitten costs from 22 to 27 thousand dollars.

Music album. John Lennon and Yoko Ono's "Double Fantasy" disc is recognized as the rarest music album. The disc became truly fatal - the famous singer put his signature on it just 5 hours before his own death. Moreover, John presented the disc to Mark Chapman, his future assassin. The meeting took place on December 8, 1980 on the porch of the star couple's New York home. Photographer Paul Goresh, who was nearby at that moment, even captured the moment of the disc's signature. On the same day, Chapman met with Lennon again, killing him. While hiding in confusion from the scene of the crime, a fan lost the plate, which fell on a flower bed. Later, the album was found by a janitor and handed over to the police as material evidence, because the killer's fingerprints remained on the plate. The court returned the relic to the finder, who kept it for 19 years. In 1999, the disc was sold to Moments in Time, which resold it in 2010 at an auction. The initial cost of the disc alone was $ 850,000. True, the current owner of the relic is unlikely to succeed in gaining fame - he simply does not advertise his name, as threats from Beatles fans are pouring in his address.

Postage Stamp. Collectors are ready to pay big money for the manifestation of rare mistakes. As a result, someone's oversight then brings millions. A similar incident occurred with the rarest postage stamp "Yellow Treskilling". Its price for today is 2.3 million, although the initial cost is only 3 skills. The history of the rarity is as follows. In 1855, in Sweden, both blue postage stamps were printed at the price of three skilling and yellow ones at the price of 8. Once the colors were mixed up in the printing house and the stamps in 3 yellow skilling went on sale. The error was quickly discovered, as a result, today there is only one such stamp, and even then in extinguished form. This is what gave rise to its high value. An unnamed buyer purchased the rarity for $ 2.3 million, although the organizers initially set the price twice as high.

Elite real estate. Another way to stand out is by purchasing luxury real estate. The rarest and most unusual dwelling is undoubtedly the castle located in Transylvania. It is shrouded in secrets and legends, because Count Dracula himself was once its owner. Today, anyone can purchase these grim apartments for $ 64 million. Perhaps, in this place, no one will disturb the privacy of the owner, few will dare to go inside here. In the meantime, no one was willing to buy the castle, and representatives of the current owners, the Habsburgs, are planning to create a private museum here.

Sarraia. Owning rare horses is also a sign of elitism. They have always been the real companions of the aristocrats. Today the sarraya is considered the rarest horse breed. All over the world today there are only 200 individuals left. Observing these graceful horses, one can imagine their southern Iberian ancestors, who were among the first to be tamed by man. But for their physical merits, the Austrian lipizzaners stand out, which were bred at one time specifically for military purposes. The cost of one such horse reaches 100 thousand dollars. The most expensive horse on the planet was the purebred stallion Monju, which was sold for $ 75 million.

The Bible by Johannes Gutenberg. Many people try to buy expensive books, but it is simply impossible to buy the rarest of them. However, experts were able to estimate it at $ 25 million. The rarest book on the planet is the first printed work - "The Bible" by Johannes Gutenberg. In 1456, the printer published 2 volumes, none of which have survived intact to this day. But a collector can buy one of the pages of a rare book, not so long ago this was sold for 25 thousand dollars. The approximate cost of such a "Bible" is confirmed by the fact that one of its volumes, a later edition, was sold for 5.5 million dollars. Today on the Internet you can find digitized copies of the legendary book.

Precious necklace. The most expensive precious necklace today costs about $ 16 million and this item is truly beautiful. The item is adorned with a blue pear-shaped diamond weighing 14 carats. Such a decoration will suit the blue eyes of the owner. The necklace is framed by white gold and a whole scattering of ordinary diamonds, smaller ones, only emphasizing the nobility of the product. True beauty is not flashy; sophistication is much more important here. This is exactly how the necklace will look on the delicate neck of the lady.

Wine. One of the rarest bottles of wine is considered a bottle that doesn't even have a label! But there is a handwritten inscription "1787 Lafitte Th. J." It is believed that the drink once belonged to Thomas Jefferson himself. The third US president was once the ambassador to France, collecting bottles of wine there for his collection. A bottle of Bordeaux Chateau Lafite from 1787 has been considered the most expensive wine in the world for about 20 years. Christopher Forbes bought it for his collection for 160 thousand dollars.

Chinese vases. Chinese vases are highly prized among collectors. The rarest of these dates back to the Yuan Dynasty and is a graphic representation of the Chinese classical style. On a white background, there is a painting with cobalt blue underglaze painting. The vase was created in the middle of the XIV century, being the only one that has survived since then. The most expensive piece of porcelain was sold in 2006 at Sotheby's for $ 4.72 million. Before that, she appeared at the public auction in 1993 and was then worth almost four times less. The relic itself is rather small - 34 centimeters in height.

Old coins. Coins usually have a small denomination, but the rarest of them can cost quite a lot. The most expensive coin sold at the auction was the $ 20 Double Eagle. At one time, the United States decided to leave the gold standard and removed such moments from circulation in general in the 30s of the last century. The government then decided to send the double eagles to be melted down. However, the unexpected happened - in 1933, attackers entered the vault of the country's Ministry of Finance. Among other things, they stole 10 coins with eagles. 9 of them were returned by the special services over time, and the last one was lost for half a century. She was eventually found in the collection of a certain Stephen Fenton. He was even arrested in New York, the hearing lasted for 5 years. As a result, the parties found a compromise - the coin remains the property of the United States forever, but the collector can always sell it. The cost of the most expensive coin is $ 7.9 million.

Swallow's nest soup. The most exotic and expensive dish in the world is considered to be soup from a swallow's nest. Although there is nothing in the composition of the swallow's nest itself, the traditional name has been preserved. According to legend, in the 13th century, one Chinese emperor retreated from the troops of Genghis Khan and was driven to a rocky island, where there were only bushes of vegetation. Over time, the troops ran out of food, and the soldiers began to look for at least something edible. These turned out to be the nests of swifts, which eventually began to be called swallows. Then this exotic food saved the army from hunger, but the emperor could not be saved from shame. Nowadays, swallow's nest soup has become very expensive and therefore popular with the corresponding people. The dish itself is a set of fry, fish roe and everything that birds can find in the water. Nests are so popular that high demand is forcing birds to create their nests multiple times. The high price is simply due to the fact that collecting swallow nests is a rather dangerous activity. Birds build houses for themselves on sheer cliffs, where there is a high risk of falling. The high popularity of the dish is associated not only with the incredible dish, but also with the fact that the soup is still a powerful aphrodisiac. In appearance, it is mucus, and in density it resembles jelly.

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