Female Croatian names

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Antonia is invaluable

Vekoslava - the glory of the age
Vedrana - funny
Veleria - strong
Cherry - cherry

Gordana is proud

Dubravka - oak grove
Jadranka - from Hadriya
Jelka - torch or moon
Dragana - dear, beloved

Zvonimira - the sound of the world
Zlata - golden

Elena - torch or moon
Christmas tree - Christmas tree

Cape - small stork

Lucia - light

Mare - sweetheart
Maria is the beloved
Marijana - beloved
Miryana - beloved
Mirna - peace
Washing - beloved, mine

Natasha - birthday, christmas
Natalia - birthday, christmas

Svetlana - light
Silvia - from the forest
Snezhana - the woman of the snow
Sofia - wisdom
Susana - lily

Tatyana - father
Tihana - quiet

Emilia - competing

Berry - strawberry
Jadranka - from the Andriatic Sea

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