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Traditionally whiskey is made in Scotland and Ireland, but this popular brand was born in America. After all, the rest of the products are little known to the general consumer and are produced by small distilleries.

The brand owes its name to a real person who created the company itself. Jasper Newton "Jack" Daniel himself, of course, was not the creator of whiskey. And the method of filtration using charcoal from sugar maple already existed by that time. But it was Jack Daniel who was able to improve the process so that an original herbal drink appeared. The American, among other things, worked diligently in his production, constantly improving his whiskey and popularizing the product.

Jack Daniel turned out to be a man dedicated to his work. He began working at the distillery as a teenager, and in 1863 bought the entire production from the priest Dan Call. He sheltered young Jack after the death of his parents. As a result, Daniel remained the owner of his distillery until his death. And the manufacturer made fundamental changes to the filtration process in 1866. This is how Jack Daniel's whiskey, which we still know today, appeared. Then another important event happened - Jack Daniel registered his distillery. As a result, it is today the oldest in America.

The manufacturer not only constantly improved the taste of its whiskey, but also did a lot to create and promote its own brand. In his town of Lynchburg, Jack also owned two saloons with the original names "White Rabbit" and "Red Dog". Especially to attract people to his establishments, the owner even organized a whole orchestra, consisting of non-professional musicians. This group eventually became famous even outside the borders of their state. It was Jack Daniel who came up with the iconic name and logo for his drink. Old No. 7 Jack Daniel's Tennessee Sippin Whiskey has become famous all over the world, having won many awards. More than once this whiskey was recognized as the best in the world.

At first, whiskey was poured into jugs, this was the norm for that time. Daniel wrote his name on these containers. At the end of 1870, bottles became fashionable, this did not go unnoticed by Jack. And in 1895 he managed to draw attention to an unusual square bottle with a corrugated neck. Mr. Daniel no doubt decided that his whiskey should be sold in such a container, establishing another tradition.

Where this number seven came from, no one can answer. Perhaps this figure was just lucky, or maybe just so many attempts were made by Jack Daniel to create the final recipe for the drink. Other legends say that the manufacturer had seven mistresses or that Jack's friend owned exactly the same number of stores where the product was best sold. The most logical version is that the state of Tennessee had the number “7” on the stamp about the alcohol duty. The most beautiful story says that Daniel once lost seven barrels of whiskey. Finding and, he simply numbered them with seven to mark the party. The merchant who bought the whiskey appreciated the drink so much that he ordered another batch with number seven.

Be that as it may, the seven brought luck to the brand. The number emblazoned on the logo accompanies other alcoholic products of this brand: Silver Select, Single barrel; Gentlemen Jack; Jack Daniel`s Green Label.

So little is known about Jack Daniel that it is time to write legends. In them, he appears as a non-standard person. There are several rules that Jack taught, and not just in words, but throughout his life. The unusualness began at birth - there are no documents left about this event. Some believe that the boy was born in September 1846, while others call the date September 1850. That is why, for Daniel, his birthday every year was the ninth month of the year. And all true fans of the brand take an example from their idol and every September they celebrate an unusual holiday, while they have enough strength.

In 1911 Mr. Daniel died. While the event itself was tragic, fans of the brand have learned a lesson from it. A few years earlier, Jack had shown up for work and had tried to open his huge iron safe early in the morning. But the owner forgot the code and, angry, kicked the cupboard. Jack suffered a broken finger, an infection got there, which caused his death. The witches say that this story teaches that you shouldn't come to work early in the morning - it is fraught with trouble.

And after the death of the brand's creator, his distillery passed to his nephew Lem Motlow. Jack had prepared Togo in advance as his heir, never acquiring a wife or children. The main production in Lynchburg expanded to several factories. The whiskey business has grown steadily, having even gone through two artificial crises.

The first was related to Prohibition, and the second was related to the ban on whiskey production during World War II. This put the factories on the brink of bankruptcy. After the end of all the bans, the company was able to resume its production in the same volumes. In 1956, the Jack Daniel's brand was bought by the large American corporation Brown-Forman Corporation, and remains part of it to this day.

In 1988, the original recipe was changed - the whiskey was softened with charcoal twice. The first time - before being placed in oak barrels, and then four years later, just before bottling. The drink has become even smoother and more graceful.

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