The most dangerous places on Earth

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Our planet really has quite a few beautiful places. There would be enough energy, time and money to visit them. But in contrast to them, there are also places where most people would rather never show up. Nevertheless, tickets to these unpleasant places and objects are officially sold by some travel companies. So, be careful when choosing exotic vacation options. And the terrible places mentioned in this article should be avoided at all costs, without being fooled by the discounts of the tour operator.

Each person has their own dark corners, not only in the biography, but also in the home. But without such places on the planet, life would probably be much more boring.

Top of Mount Washington. In fact, this place is very beautiful, but it is extremely dangerous to be here. Mount Washington is located in the northeastern United States. Let tourists not be afraid that the height of the summit here is only 1917 meters. In fact, visiting this place is as risky as Everest. The fact is that Mount Washington is the world leader in wind speed on the Earth's surface. The highest rate was reached in April 1934, when the air moved here at a speed of 372 km / h. If it is winter outside, the wind turns into snow storms. The complex of buildings of the local observatory is instantly swept away, only tightly sealed windows and doors are saved. The station is really extreme, its instruments and buildings can withstand wind speeds of up to 500 km / h, which is quite likely in this area. In winter, Mount Washington turns into a winter wonderland, but very dangerous. So a casual companion or a professional photographer should be extremely careful in these places. After all, no one wants to become suicidal by being blown away by a hurricane into a snowdrift.

The poisonous beauty of the Danakil Desert. What are people looking for in the Ethiopian deserts? Relaxation and new impressions. But in everything you need to know when to stop. The Danakil Desert is located in the north of this African country. Those who returned from there call it nothing other than hell on Earth. She only attracts fans of horror and risk, who are not afraid of eloquent photographs. As a result, traveling there can become extremely dangerous, because it is a rather strange and scary place. It seems that one visit to Danakil is enough to lose the desire to visit Mars. Over the volcanic wasteland, there is practically no breathable oxygen, and the local air burns with fetid gases. The ground literally boils underfoot, and even stones melt.

Traveling through this desert is fraught with loss of health. Not only is there a fifty-degree heat around, but a volcano is about to wake up underfoot. Scarlet lava will quickly cook a person. And you can breathe in sulfur vapors for the rest of your life, not long then. And the Afar region itself is criminal. Here, semi-savage Ethiopian tribes are constantly fighting for food. No one here is surprised at ten-year-olds with weapons in their hands. But for a tourist, such a meeting in the African Danakil desert can be an unpleasant surprise.

The capital of the descendants of the cannibals. In the east of New Guinea, the main city of this country is located, it is also the sea gate of the state. Port Moresby, or Nyugini locally, is the world's most dangerous capital. Looking from the sky at this city, it does not seem scary - high-rise buildings surrounded by greenery, a hospitable sea. And close to the eyes a completely different picture appears - slums and mountains of garbage. Although the president and the government of New Guinea live in the capital, in reality life is subordinated to bandit associations. There is nothing for a white man to do here - it is all the same that an intellectual is put in a cell with embittered youngsters.

A stranger can be killed by the Papuans just for food. Indeed, in this region, protein is traditionally lacking. In the city, the aborigines kill either out of laziness or because of lack of work. The country is spoiled by humanitarian handouts from Australia. As a result, the inhabitants of New Guinea simply do not want to work, and if such a desire appears, then there is simply no work. Therefore, there is only one way out - to get hired in a gang and to get money for alcohol, women and drugs by criminal means. It remains only to find a gullible victim. They kill in Port Moresby three times more often than in Moscow. And the thugs are not afraid of the police, because the authorities are either bought or intimidated.

A forest of polite suicides. There is an unusual old forest at the foot of the sacred Mount Fuji. People don't come to Aokigaharu to find mushrooms or to fry meat. Recently, these places have been chosen by Japanese suicides. Counting the number of those who committed suicide in these places began about 60 years ago. During this time, Aukigahara took in the souls of more than 500 suicides. It is believed that this fashion appeared after the publication of Seiko Matsumoto's book "Black Sea of ​​Trees". So the main characters join hands and go to hang themselves in this old forest. After all, there is a special atmosphere here. It is all filled with shadows, even at noon it will not be difficult to find a terrible place where grave darkness lives.

It is not surprising that in Aokigahara one can meet not only the corpse in hinges and skulls with hinges. The authorities are concerned about the area's notoriety. So there were numerous billboards everywhere with the words "Please think again!", "Life is an invaluable gift" or "Remember your family." The problem was identified in the 70s, causing close attention throughout the country. Since then, every year, special units have been sent to cleanse the forest of fresh suicide bodies. The area of ​​the entire forest is 35 square kilometers. This is enough for 70-100 new dead people to be found in it every year.

And not so long ago, marauders also appeared in Aokigahara. They clean the pockets of the gallows, ripping off gold and silver chains from them. Well, such work requires courage, and besides, one must also be able not to get lost.

Civilized ossuary. Who can call the civilized and cozy Czech Republic a terrible country? Here tourists really like it - the beer is very tasty, beautiful houses and girls, it is not difficult to find cheap drugs. But it is in the Czech Republic that one of the most terrible places in all of Western Europe is located. Having visited the ossuary in the town of Kutná Hora, you will keep those memories for a long time.

In the outskirts of Kutná Hora there was the Sedlec Abbey. His cemetery was very fashionable in medieval Europe. The fact is that in 1278 a monk brought land from Jerusalem, from Golgotha ​​itself, and scattered it in small bunches over the churchyard. Therefore, thousands of people sought to be buried in a cemetery with sacred ground. It is not surprising that this churchyard has grown a lot. People began to be buried in 2-3 tiers, which already violated ethical standards. In 1400, an unusual tomb was created in the abbey. In fact, it was an ordinary warehouse for bones, whose graves were not looked after by anyone.

In 1870, the new owners of the land decided to put things in order in the land and in the old monastery. The local carver Rint was invited to arrange the ossuary. He tastefully and not without strange humor created an unusual room from the remains of 40 thousand people. Rint not only ordered the chaotic deposits of bones and skulls, but also made home furnishings from them, including his master's coat of arms, as well as a magnificent chandelier with garlands. In a room like this, you really start to think about death. Visitors are welcome to enter here 7 days a week.

Museum for maniacs. This place is the real pride of doctors, but some maniac would also want to get here. The Museum of the History of Medicine is located in Philadelphia. For a long time, the most terrible samples of the human body were selected here. This museum was founded in 1858 by Dr. Thomas Dent Mutter. The entrance ticket costs $ 14 here. The exposition of the museum is dedicated to various pathologies, ancient and unusual medical equipment, as well as terrible biological samples. The museum also houses the most solid collection of American skulls.

The most popular exhibits in the Mutter Museum are a wax sculpture of a unicorn woman, a human intestine three meters long with 16 kilograms of excrement inside, a "soap lady" whose corpse has turned into wax in the ground, a tumor removed from the President of the United States of America Cleveland, a conjoined liver of Siamese twins, part of the brain of Charles Guiteau, who killed President Garfield. Rumor has it that at night something is wrong in the museum. It is not clear only - funny or scary.

A prison for the enlightened. This institution is located in Tibet and is called Drapchi. The prison lies right on the road from the city of Lhasa to the airport of the same name. Drapchi is considered by many to be the scariest correctional institution in the world. It is here that since 1965 the soulless Chinese have been holding the rebellious enlightened Tibetan lamas in captivity. They say there are more monks behind bars than in any Buddhist monastery. The Chinese authorities themselves, who are considered occupiers in Tibet, cynically declare these institutions not prisons, but rehabilitation centers.

Just throwing the wrong look in the direction of the overseer can get a bullet from him. Any protest by the imprisoned monks leads to their beating. There is such a prisoner that from a long stay in solitary confinement he has completely forgotten how to talk. Another prisoner has been in prison for 20 years just for disseminating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To reeducate Buddhists, they are forced to attend classes in scientific communism. Not knowing the subject leads to beatings. Bamboo blows go to those who did not come to class at all.

Terrible Africa. What could be worse than a civil war? The worst, bloodiest and most senseless of its kind took place in Rwanda. The population of the country was over 10 million people, and the density was quite high - 421 people per square kilometer. During a military coup in 1994, an interim government came to power, which staged a genocide of national minorities. As a result, about a million people were killed in the country in just 100 days. The murder rate was 5 times higher than that of German concentration camps. The country was covered in blood and littered with corpses. Having learned from neighboring reports about the lawlessness going on, the UN slowly decided to intervene. Those villains who were most involved in the murders were imprisoned in Guitarama. It has become the most crowded and unsanitary on the planet.

The barracks there are designed to accommodate 500 prisoners, and about 6 thousand criminals stay there. They have to wait 8-10 years for their trial. Hunger reigns here, so there are often cases when prisoners try to eat their neighbor. There is nowhere even to lie down, so the prisoners' legs begin to rot. And doctors perform amputations without anesthesia. The earth is constantly wet and contaminated with human waste. The stench from the prison spreads half a kilometer from it, disgracing the capital in the eyes of civilized people. According to statistics, every eighth prisoner does not live to see the court verdict. This is due to illness or violence. And getting into the Guitarama of an educated white man means his instant death.

Home of the slum millionaire. For many of us, India is an enlightened country that smells of incense, cremations and sweet marijuana. Meanwhile, real India smells much worse - industrial waste, sewage and slop. Almost all of these scents are available to residents of ordinary Dharavi districts, where you can rent a room for a month for $ 4. This thicket structure is located in the heart of the multi-million dollar metropolis of Mumbai.

It is from Dharavi that the protagonist of the Oscar-winning "Slumdog Millionaire" hails. The area is spread over 75 hectares, and more than a million Muslims and Hindus live here. They feed on the processing of garbage brought here from all over the city. Dozens of tons of it are received daily. Dharavi residents recycle plastic, waste paper, glass and cans. Women and children crawl barefoot through the dumpsters, looking for what else can be recycled. The authorities of the Indian metropolis plan to completely get rid of Dharavi by 2013. But where to go to its inhabitants? After all, few of them managed to become a millionaire. Someone will return to the village, but one does not want to think about the fate of the others.

Capital of the country of violence. If in India people wake up and go to collect and then return bottles, Somalis still dream, hugging a Kalashnikov assault rifle. This is a favorite toy, protective equipment and working tool. Somalis need to be on the alert, because pirates are rampant on the shore, threatening to take away all the most valuable. Today in the capital of the country, the city of Mogadishu, fear and violence have become commonplace.

It is interesting that people of the Somali anthropological type are beautiful and tall. But all this goes to the graves, because it is customary here to die young. However, more and more future robbers and pirates are born. They are ready to do anything to appear strong and seize their piece of prey. War forces people to flee Mogadishu. But this is not an option either. Last year, 100,000 people left the capital, the risk of dying from a bullet was replaced by the risk of dying of thirst. And even the UN cannot do anything. After all, no one can give any guarantee of the safety of the cargo and the messengers.

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