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Meaning of the name

The name has several versions of its origin. Translated from Greek means "strength", from Arabic - "faith".


Dina is a sharp and quick-tempered girl because of trifles. She has a very changeable character, she can have carefree fun and suddenly suddenly withdraw into herself, become gloomy. Loves to take care of some defenseless, weak living creature, and it would be nice to get a little shaggy dog ​​for her.

I am ready to help anyone who needs it. She is also able to stand up for herself, so much so that the offender will never want to deal with her again.

Growing up, Dina becomes more categorical in her statements and harsh in her actions. There are no authorities for her. Inadvertently, it can offend a person who has turned up under a hot hand. Has good memory and quick reactions. Easily learns car driving skills.

Dina falls in love early, experiences first love strongly, her combative nature often scares off men who hope for a peaceful marriage in the company of a quiet and calm wife. But a brave and brave man who decided to link his life with Dina will be very lucky. She cooks well and creatively. Selfless in caring for children and husband, faithful in marriage, a wonderful companion.

She often shows activity, can be persistent, even stubborn, sometimes groovy, but most often she still knows the line beyond which she cannot go in conflict situations, and therefore usually knows how to stop in time. Here a lot depends on her environment and the position she holds, as well as, of course, on upbringing.

Dinah usually progresses without significant leaps or disruptions. She knows how to get along with her superiors, although she can be quite strict and demanding under those in charge. Often, her tendency to be careful makes her a good diplomat, but here the fruits of her upbringing can hinder her.

It is very good if the parents managed to keep Dina's inherent balance, but it also happens that the nervous situation in the family where Dina was brought up reflects badly on her character. Moreover, the more scandals in Dina's life, the further the border of her caution moves, often turning her into an overly nervous and excitable creature.

In this case, there can be no question of any diplomacy, unless only in relation to the high authorities, and even then for the time being.

This can be especially unfavorable in family life, and if such a misfortune has already occurred. Dina should not expect understanding from others, it is much more logical to pull herself together, then sooner or later both understanding and respect will return.

However, in most cases, Dina remains a rather calm person who knows how to get along with people. Perhaps in the family she will try to take on the role of a leader, but if her husband is distinguished by sufficient nervous strength, then most likely Dina will give him the lead. In general, her diligence and ability to be collected can make her a good housewife and a caring mother.

If you happen to communicate with an overly excitable and nervous Dina, try to show her a little human warmth and sympathy, and she will answer you in kind.


Dina is an unsurpassed artist in life, but this does not mean her insincerity. She simply identifies with the role she is playing. Dina gives the impression of a spiritually gifted nature, but she is not always so.

Dina does not hide her emotions, thirsts for the game and is able to believe in whatever she wants. Giving vent to her emotions, she often goes to extremes.

In bed, she is by no means as good an actress as in life, there she is rather passive, aimed at getting what her partner will offer her. She herself never influences the sexual process. She can explain herself better in words than in the language of feelings.

Dina disappoints men, who rate her according to the impression she makes: she seems to them to be a hot, excitable and experienced woman. Dean sometimes transfers his demeanor to the territory of the bedroom, although deep down he longs for primitive and rough sex.

Dina's misfortune is that her lifestyle and behavior attract the attention of sensitive, sophisticated men, and none of them can give her complete happiness.

Dina, born in winter, stands out among others Ding for her determination, courage, ability to quickly navigate difficult situations. She herself makes a choice, but she is not inclined to change partners often, since it is difficult to adapt to a new man. She is characterized by some adventurism, she seeks to know everything, to try everything. However, she can be a wonderful wife.

Those born in the fall attract the attention of soft, indecisive men, they see in Dina the ideal of a woman and after intimacy with her they just go crazy over her. They love to share their innermost secrets with this woman, they expect advice and protection from her.


Gray green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn.


The sound of Dean's name gives the impression of something kind, light, small, cheerful, active, bright, joyful.

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