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All people want to make more money. Buy a football club? Boring!

Then it's time to do something like that, really surprising others with your act. Some billionaires are rightfully considered eccentric, but can they really be judged for spending their time uncommon?

Mark Zuckerberg, net worth $ 13.3 billion. The founder of the social network Facebook does not hesitate to personally slaughter livestock. Computer genius has always been considered a little out of this world. But his netizens all believed that Zuckerberg's weirdness was limited to extreme shyness, and a love of fencing with friends at leisure. This is also not trivial entertainment! But in May 2011, the billionaire unexpectedly posted a strange status on his Facebook page: "I just killed a goat and a pig." Numerous accusations immediately fell on Mark - friends and simply "greens" accused him of immorality and cruelty. Zuckerberg himself was surprisingly calm about the attacks. He stated that he was carried away by animal husbandry, and decided to eat only the meat of those animals that he killed himself. According to the businessman himself, this hobby greatly expanded his life views.

Clive Palmer, worth $ 900 million. This Australian coal magnate owns Mineralogy. Palmer's passion is various antiquities, it was he who recently was behind the project to revive the dinosaurs. In the summer of 2012, the millionaire announced that he was going to build a real Jurassic Park near Brisbane. Real tyrannosaurs, triceratops and other fossil species of living creatures should walk there. Palmer is not embarrassed by the fact that dinosaurs have become extinct a long time ago - he is going to resurrect them using DNA cloning. According to the rich man, part of the DNA of the lizards could well have remained in the organisms of blood-sucking insects frozen in the resin. The millionaire even tried to involve scientists in his project, but they were skeptical of the idea. In their opinion, there is no chance of finding working genetic material. Then the entrepreneur decided to take a simple path and create a park with mechanical monsters. Palmer's weirdness doesn't stop there - he is investing heavily in the reconstruction of the Titanic. As a result, in 2016, the twin of the infamous giant liner should be launched.

Alki David, net worth $ 1.9 billion. This businessman made his fortune on the Internet, today he owns the FilmOn website. And he has fun including sending naked people to the President of America. In 2010, David launched a special site,, where users were encouraged to post their craziest actions in exchange for a reward. And to spark interest in this resource, the businessman promised $ 100,000 to anyone who would appear naked in front of President Obama. The daredevil should have appeared naked in some public place and caught the eye of the head of the country and provided a video to prove his action. There was not much excitement around this idea, then David increased the prize fund to a million dollars. A couple of months later, the first candidate was found - New Yorker Juan Rodriguez, in pursuit of a prize, failed to pass the police cordon, and Obama did not notice him.

Nicholas Berggruen, worth $ 2 billion. Where does this founder of investment company Berggruen Holdings live? He's just a bum! This German-American once enjoyed the opportunities offered by money. Nicholas bought cars, houses, rare art objects. But at 45, he suddenly realized that everything material does not bring him joy. Then Berggruen focused really on spiritual things and intellectual personal development. He sold all of his property, including rich real estate. Since then, Nicholas has been officially listed as homeless. But now nothing keeps him in one place, he travels the world with pleasure, settling in hotels. You rarely meet a billionaire in the office - he prefers to do business remotely. The unusual bum admits that his freedom-loving nature is to blame. Nicholas prefers not to burden himself with unnecessary responsibility, even if these are just things.

Paul Allen, net worth $ 1.5 billion. This billionaire devotes his time and money to finding life on other planets. The co-founder of Microsoft fell in love with science fiction as a child. When Paul got rich, he immediately began collecting various artifacts on this topic. So, in his rich collection there is the chair of Captain Kirk from "Star Trek", the exoskeleton in which the heroine Sigourney Weaver was in the movie "Aliens". The businessman also invested more than $ 30 million in the creation of a special system of telescopes. It is believed that such a technique can detect traces of alien intelligence in the depths of space. In the northeast of San Francisco, several dozen supersensitive antennas were installed, which should pick up the signals sent to earthlings by creatures from other worlds. Allen also believes that by 2025, humanity will have one hundred percent proof of the existence of life on Mars.

Ingvar Kamprad, net worth $ 3.3 billion. The founder of the IKEA company, with which he made his fortune, does not hesitate to travel on public transport for business. In fact, among billionaires, frugal people are quite common. For example, the head of Berkshire Hathaway, Warren Buffett, lives in an old house, while oilman Paul Getty did not want to ransom his grandson kidnapped by bandits. But there are legends about Ingvar Kamprad's tight-fistedness. Although he is the richest citizen in Sweden, he always travels by public transport, and besides, he also shows his pension card. After all, this guarantees the billionaire benefits! When on business trips, Kamprad always stays in the most modest hotels. And if breakfast is included in the cost of living, then the businessman eats his fill. After all, this way he can save money on a restaurant. True, the Swede has a reason to be so careful about his spending. Indeed, at the end of the 19th century, his grandfather could not pay off his debts and committed suicide.

Donald Trump, net worth $ 3.2 billion. The media tycoon is known not only as the owner of the Miss Universe contest and the Taj Mahal complex. He literally dreams of exposing President Obama. Trump himself supports the Republicans, so the election of the Democratic candidate to the post of head of the country did not make him happy. Trump decided to discredit Obama, for this he even posted a provocative appeal on YouTube. The billionaire promised to give $ 5 million to charity if the head of the country shows documents about his studies at Columbia University, as well as an application for a passport. Trump believes that these papers could greatly change the course of the election race. Indeed, according to Donald, Obama did not study at the university, and received a passport in Kenya. Such deception makes it impossible for the President to remain in office. But Obama himself showed no interest in this deal. He bills this simply as an attempt to gain attention and help Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Peter Thiel, worth $ 1.6 billion. It is good when people, thanks to their capital, try to change the world for the better. But is it possible to create a truly ideal society, which is what Peter Thiel is striving for? The billionaire earned his capital by founding PayPal and through the hedge fund Clarium Capital. Thiel himself is an adherent of libertarian philosophy. In his opinion, each person has the right to personally dispose of his property and his life. And for those who share his beliefs, Thiel decided to create special “islands of freedom”. According to the author of the project, these should be completely autonomous states in miniature, which will float in the oceans. And the Seastealing Institue, whose activities Thiel sponsors, have been entrusted with this project. The billionaire plans to create the first such floating settlement by 2019. 270 settlers are to be accommodated there. This will be the basis of the future ideal society, they themselves must decide what kind of moral they will have, what laws and to whom to obey.

Leona Helmsley, worth $ 2.5 billion. The owner of the Helmsley Hotels chain became famous for leaving her dog $ 12 million. And during her lifetime, the businesswoman was very tight-fisted, earning the nickname "The Queen of Avarice." Only now, unlike other economical billionaires, she did not deny herself anything, but she was not going to share with her family and friends. The only living thing that Helmsley spared no expense on was her Maltese lapdog, Trouble. After the death of the billionaire in 2007, 12 million of her inheritance went to her beloved dog. At the same time, two of the four grandchildren received 5 million each, and two more received nothing at all. It's good that after the death of the billionaire, the relatives were able to protest the will and sue for another $ 10 million. They easily managed to convince everyone that the old woman was simply not herself at the time of drawing up the will.

Richard Branson, worth $ 4.6 billion. The founder of the Virgin Group has recently tried his hand at being a flight attendant. The billionaire has long been surprising with his unexpected antics. Either he flies in a hot air balloon across the Atlantic, or he kitesurf with a nude model. One day, Branson showed up in a wedding dress at the opening of the bridal salon. And in May 2013, the billionaire again managed to surprise everyone. This time he turned into a flight attendant. And it's all the fault of an old dispute. At one time, Branson argued with the owner of AirAsia Tony Fernandez about whose Formula 1 team would gain the most points in the season. Under the terms of Branson's lost bet, he was forced to wear a flight attendant's uniform and serve passengers on the Perth-Kuala Lumpur flight. To fully match the image, the billionaire even shaved his legs. But from this, as many thought, a humiliating undertaking, Branson himself even managed to get pleasure. All six hours of the flight, he happily posed for photographers and had fun with might and main.

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