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Azenet - she belongs to her father
Akana - ball, ship
Aloli - grapes
Amizi - flower
Asenat - she belongs to her father
Ati - pillow
Afrikaisi - from the Egyptian hills

Banafrite is a beautiful soul
Bast is an unpleasant sound
Bastet - an unpleasant sound
Bahiti - welfare
Bennu the eagle

Jezerite - Holy Woman
Jeybnuziri - Venus
Dendera - from Dendera
Jendai - grateful

Evs - cat
Erby - princess

Zalika - noble
Zahra - flower
Zeziro is a twin
Zema the queen
Theoris - large

Ibony - Ebony
Isis is the queen of the throne
Irisi - sculpted by Isis
Ife - love

Kakra is a twin
Kanika - black
Kebi - honey
Kezi is the daughter of a worried father
Kepi ​​- storm
Kissa is the twin sister
Kifi - woman's breast
Kiya is a cheerful lady
Cleopatra - Father's Glory
Quibila - Peaceful

Layla - born at night

Mazika - born in the rain
Mandisa - sweet
Mezi - water
Merit - sweetheart
Mert is a lover of silence
Meskenet - destiny
Marks - fair
Meewsher - kitten
Miu - softness
Monifa - lucky
Mosven - white
Mukamutara - daughter of Mutar
Mukantagara - born during the war
Mukarramma - respected
Mumina - devout
Mut - mother

Dial - mother of twins
Nazifa - pure
Naima is benevolent
Nanu is beautiful
Nafretiri is a beautiful creation
Nafretiti - arriving with beauty
Nafrini - bringing beauty
Naphrite - virgin
Nebibit - leopard
Nebit - leopard
Nebt-hat - lady of the house
Neri - gypsy
Nehru - born in the afternoon
Netikerty is excellent
Nefertari is the most beautiful
Nefertiti - beautiful arrived
Neftis - lady at home
Nima - Born to a Rich Parent
Noerbese is wonderful
Nubit - the golden lady
Nubiti - the golden lady
Neila - successful
Nane is good
Nayfre - perfection

Oda - from the road
Odjit is evil
Ozeay - happy
Olabizi - bringing joy
Olufemi - beloved of the gods
Omorosis - beautiful
They are required

Panivi - the one brought
Panya - mouse

Rabia - born in spring
Razia is pleasant
Ramla the fortuneteller
Rashida is fair
Rehema - Compassionate

Saba - born in the morning
Sajira - small
Salama - Peaceful
Salidji - fruit tree
Saliha is pleasant
Sanera - kitten
Seshafi - angry woman
City - lady
Subira - patient

Tabia is talented
Tanafriti - from a beautiful land
Tahira - ancient
Teymri is my beloved land (Egypt)
Tail - green

Umm - mother
Umeima is a little mother
Walida - newly born
Wasserite is a powerful woman

Femi - love
Fili - second born
Fukeina - intellectual

Hagar - abandoned
Khazina is good
Hakika is honest
Halima - tender
Harer - flower
Hatshepsut - of noble women
Heboni - ebony
Hecket the frog
Khepri - morning sun
Het Heru - House of Horus
Hetshepsit - of noble women
Haight - Crowned

Shamiz - the first born
Shani is wonderful
Shashey - necklace
Shasheiti - necklace
Shemey - desire
Shepsit is a noble lady
Sherity is a little girl, maiden
Shuker - grateful
Shay-Nefer - luck

Ebayo - honey
Ebe is wonderful
Ekaib - woman's breast
Emuisher - kitten
Ash - life

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