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Meaning of the name

Evdokia in translation from ancient Greek means "favor".


In early childhood, Evdokia is mischievous and stubborn, mother and grandmother usually does not obey, only her father, whom she is afraid and respects. This girl is lightly injured, easily offended, naughty, and it is difficult to calm her down.

Little Evdokia is very curious, even curious, she needs to know everything, see everything. She is cunning and inventive, this girl constantly has some ideas. Evdokia is capable, learns easily and with interest, but restless and therefore not always among the first.

Adult Evdokia is independent and decisive, and although she is still easily offended, now she knows how to stand up for herself. In life, she often has a difficult time, but she learns to overcome difficulties and achieve her own.

Sooner or later, this woman begins to understand that whims are of little use and that she herself must fight for everything. Gradually becomes practical, learns to approach life soberly. However, Evdokia often withdraws into herself, ceases to trust people and suffers greatly from this.

She usually has one friend, to whom Evdokia is very attached and therefore jealous of her. She is going through the quarrels hard, but she will never take the first step towards reconciliation. This woman does not like to work, but she fulfills her duties.

Evdokia is not just attractive - she is beautiful and perfectly aware of it. A woman with such a name is charming, likes men, always has several fans. But she is in no hurry to choose a husband from them.

After marriage, Evdokia usually quit her job, but she does not really like to do household chores, is not very neat, but cooks well. Often he sends his children to kindergarten or after school, but spends the weekend with them.

He devotes a lot of time to his appearance, follows fashion. Likes to go with her husband to visit, to the theater, to concerts, to receptions - in short, to the place where he can demonstrate his toilets. Rarely cheats on her husband.

This is a proud, unapproachable woman who does not tolerate reprimands in her address. Evdokia is very vulnerable and touchy, but hides it and that is why she often behaves arrogantly. She likes to be in the spotlight.

Evdokia, born in winter, is stubborn, practical, secretive. She is independent and does not like to depend on anyone, she achieves everything herself, never accepts anyone's help, but she herself rarely helps others. She believes that everyone should cope with their own difficulties and not burden anyone with them.

Evdokia is restrained in showing her feelings for loved ones, but in fact she really needs love and suffers from inattention. She almost never has friends, because Evdokia is uncommunicative. She is looking for a man who would give her love, affection and completely satisfy as a partner, but she rarely finds one. Therefore, getting married late or not at all.

Evdokia, born in spring, "is calm, shy, affectionate. She is friendly, sociable, has many friends. She loves to receive guests and go to visit herself. She is a wonderful hostess, knows how and loves to cook. This Evdokia is liked by men, but she is often unlucky with partners, so she becomes picky and capricious.

Evdokia is going through her failures hard, trying to find her ideal, goes through many fans. But she nevertheless enters into marriage for love and is happy in family life.


A woman with this name does not let men close for a long time, limiting relationships to short meetings. Evdokia does not separate love from sex and therefore will never enter into an intimate relationship with a man whom she does not love.

In relationships with men, Evdokia seeks to lead. She takes the initiative, so she tries to choose soft, pliable, but sensual and affectionate partners.

A woman with this name is passionate, but she takes more from her partner than she gives to him. She is able to completely immerse herself in her feelings during intimacy and does not really care about her partner's satisfaction.

But if a man is not able to give her sexual pleasure, Evdokia grows cold towards him, tears up the relationship: he does not tolerate disharmony in relationships. She is able to captivate a man, and she needs either everything or nothing.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Virgo, Libra.


The sound of the name Evdokia gives the impression of something quiet, fast.

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