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Meaning of the name

Eric translated from ancient German means "noble leader".


As a child, Eric is calm, slow, timid, obedient, dreamy. Eric has musical talent, shows interest in mathematics, loves to play chess.

Eric is very fond of books and films about travel, pirates, treasures. He loves to philosophize, which shocks adults. His reasoning is reasonable beyond his years. Parents are proud of their son.

Growing up, Eric gets rid of reliability and obedience. He begins to show character, but still gives the impression of an infantile, weak person.

Eric becomes an independent person capable of making sound decisions. Eric is careful, has excellent intuition, which helps him a lot in life.

Eric can achieve great results in any industry. He is a good leader. He is calm, courageous, faithful to his cause, educated, accurate, capable of clear, sober calculation, knows how to start all over again. Subordinates respect such a boss, listen to him.


Eric is undoubtedly sexier. He is capable of long, varied sex. Eric is affectionate, gentle, attentive, passionate. His masculine strength is enviable. Eric is popular with women, he is handsome, charming, but at the same time he is extremely picky in connections and reasonable.

Eric marries for love. He is loyal to his wife, and although his sexuality always requires more than one woman can give, Eric remains loyal to his wife. Since he respects the feelings of his beloved, and, for nothing, does not want to offend her. For Eric, adultery is betrayal.

Sometimes Eric gets depressed, due to the lack of bright sex, but he pulls himself together, and, taking a couple of friends, he drinks beer, especially fun if there is football on TV. His wife does not understand such stag parties, and fears adultery. However, she needs to understand that in this way, Eric is saving their marriage, so she just needs to be calm about this kind of antics.

Eric is a wonderful family man, he takes on the brunt of the common life, like a real man. Eric loves to have a good rest, mainly travel, work in the fresh air with barbecue and beer.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius.


The sound of the name Eric gives the impression of something simple, light, fast.

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