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A family is something that needs to be protected and preserved, because a family is the closest and dearest people that many people have. At the present time, it is very difficult to maintain family ties and family ties.

The modern world leaves its mark on everything and even on the ancient customs that were once honored and carefully guarded by our ancestors. Many people still try to preserve what is left or collect bits and pieces forgotten for many years.

A complete and happy family is important for every person, no matter at what time period he realizes it. Sooner or later, each of us begins to think about the fact that only a friendly family is able to protect us in this complex world.

A wedding is the beginning of family relationships, and a lot depends on this important and significant event for each of us. Many people dream that this day will be the only one in his entire life and that he will forever remain in his memory. The most beautiful thing is when wedding ceremonies are held in compliance with all ancient customs, which are always beautiful and rich.

Georgia is the country in which all holidays are bright and colorful, where a huge number of people are always present. All relatives, friends and relatives gather for many major events and celebrations in order to wholeheartedly congratulate the heroes of the occasion and present gifts.

Georgian families are used to celebrating many holidays richly and noisily, and the most luxurious of them is a wedding. A Georgian wedding is, first of all, a large number of guests, of whom more than a hundred are always recruited. Wedding invitations must not be rejected.

If the guests refuse to come to the wedding or, having accepted the invitation, do not appear at the celebration, then this can seriously insult the family. The reason for rejecting a wedding invitation can be the beginning of a real war between two families, which can last for many years.

Some time ago, in all Georgian families the decision about marriage and even about choosing a couple was always made only by the parents. Currently, this is no longer so relevant and parents do not interfere with the choice of their children, but this does not mean that a wedding can take place without parental consent.

The final decision is still made by the parents after the choice of the children is approved. Until that moment, both sides are trying to learn as much as possible about each other.

The decision may not always be made in favor of the young, if one side or the other refuses to have the children married, but such cases occur less and less often.

The betrothal ceremony itself in Georgia is very beautiful, and this alone makes you want to get married or get married in order to find yourself in the place of a beautiful couple. At that moment, when the bride enters the house where she will live with her young husband, the groom goes up to the roof of the house and releases the bird of necessarily white color.

After that, the young couple is poured a glass of wine, which the groom drinks first. After that, the groom puts the wedding ring in the glass and hands the glass to the bride.

The bride must also take a sip from this glass and only then the groom takes the ring out of the glass and hands it to the bride, accompanying these actions with words of eternal love and faithfulness.

Next, the bride proceeds to inspect the house, in which she will soon have to become a full-fledged mistress. Before entering a house, young people in Georgia break a plate together "for good luck", and relatives present young people with wooden jewelry, which is a symbol of life.

In order for the life of the young to be rich and happy, grain is scattered in the corners of the house. The bride must definitely touch the boiler in the house with her hands in order to make it clear that she will be the keeper of the hearth.

The most important person at every holiday in Georgia, of course, is the toastmaster. No one can compare in eloquence with this person who knows how to cheer up guests and make the holiday truly unforgettable.

At the wedding, the toastmaster should try most of all so that the young can never forget this day. The toastmaster himself has a large number of toasts in stock and makes each guest say a toast in honor of the young, so guests will not be bored, because each toast is a little story from life that always carries something instructive.

However, the very first toast must be made by young people to each other in honor of a prosperous, calm, rich life and in honor of the fact that children's voices and laughter always sound in the house, so that the house is a full cup, and so that all troubles pass by and do not concern a happy family the lives of these two loving people.

Everyone knows about such a custom as bride kidnapping. This ritual always takes place only with the approval of the relatives of the young and the young themselves.

Most often, this ritual is remembered in order to avoid the high costs of organizing a magnificent and rich wedding. This custom is applied in families with little financial resources and the kidnapping of the bride allows you to get by with just a small feast, which does not need to be spent too much.

After the feast, the marriage can be considered concluded. If desired, the wedding can be celebrated even several years after the young people have lived together.

All the main expenses are borne by the groom's side, so the customs of bride kidnapping are still relevant. In this case, no one is interested in the financial situation of the bride herself, because the main advantage for a woman is modesty, thrift and kind character.

A man, on the other hand, should be the main protector and support for the family, who must solve all family problems and protect his wife and children. A man is brought up firmness of character and masculinity.

A woman is responsible for taking care of the home and children, preserving life and family values. She must educate children so that they honor the ancient traditions of the people, value family ties and respect their parents and elders.

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