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For Italians, the family consists primarily of the husband, who is the head of the family, and who is also confident that he makes all the most important decisions in the house. Secondly, from the wife, who actually bears the entire burden of responsibility on herself.

If there are children in an Italian family, then the boys are spoiled to the point of disgrace, and they remain firmly attached to their mothers all their lives, even at a rather respectable age. On the contrary, girls are not pampered at all, because they are considered the future keepers of the hearth, and must always soberly assess the situation.

A man, on the other hand, will idolize his mother all his life, and even being a married man, he will still often come to his parents' house for lunch or bring his dirty shirts. Italians take everything that concerns the family very seriously.

The process of courting a man for a woman can take quite a long time, or a sudden feeling can flare up and a wedding is planned in a matter of days. Italian men are very romantic and passionate.

In order to win a woman, they are capable of the most reckless acts. The whole process of courtship goes for very beautiful walks, candlelit dinners, joint trips out of town to the picturesque places of Italy.

Meeting the parents of both young people takes place in a very friendly and warm atmosphere. True, there is one caveat: the influence of Italian mothers on their daughters or boys is very large, so the main thing is to like and please the mother and then consider that the main thing is done.

Italians are modern in nature, but in a number of small towns and villages old traditions have been preserved, which are treated with great respect even by those who left their native nest and moved to big cities.

However, all the same, meetings and acquaintances of parents of young people are noisy, with abundant conversations and the absorption of national Italian dishes. The rapprochement of both parties happens very quickly if the parents of both young people at first glance feel sympathy for each other.

Italians are generally known for their strong families and precisely the close-knit relationship to the family. Moreover, the family for them is not only the closest relative, but also everyone who is connected with them at least by some kind of kinship.

On holidays or weekends, Italy gathers in full force to celebrate a family event or national holiday, and sometimes visits to relatives begin, which can drag on for a while.

Family ties are so important that it happens even to meet a large family business, which involves all relatives who have an idea of ​​the business and know how to do business correctly. It also happens that one of the family members, having found a prestigious job, tries to attract as many of their relatives there as possible.

In Italian families, it is customary to jointly solve all problems or make decisions about weddings, celebrations or the birth of a child. This takes place at a general family council, which usually meets at one of the relatives, where sometimes up to three dozen people gather at a common negotiating table.

At the family council, all the most important issues can be discussed, global family problems can be resolved, quarrels are not uncommon, accompanied by loud screams and all kinds of outpourings of emotions.

However, the most important thing is that everything that happens in the house will always remain only within its walls and will never leave the family. Relatives will never wash dirty linen in public, no stranger, even the closest friends, will learn about what happened outside the walls of the house during the meeting of the whole family.

The seriousness of their attitude towards the family is expressed even in the fact that Italians always carry with them photographs of their family and their children, both men and women, so that at any time they can boast of their successes, their strong and friendly family and successes to colleagues. their adorable children.

Every time the children are making any progress, it becomes a major discussion between parents and co-workers. Sons in an Italian family grow up as spoiled children, they are pampered by everyone, both parents and grandmothers, grandfathers, older brothers and sisters.

Boys grow up with the knowledge that they have a very high importance in the family. However, in fact, the wise and cunning women of Italy only support this confidence in them, calmly managing the household behind his back as they see fit.

For a man, the most important task is to make his beloved woman happy. He does everything possible so that the family does not need anything and the woman is not constantly loaded with her household chores.

At any opportunity, the spouses must go out of town or spend a pleasant evening in a restaurant or cafe, and such outings are not always planned in advance. This is the whole impulsive nature of Italians, especially men, who do everything possible in order to please the family and spend time with it.

For an Italian man, a woman is an object of worship for her beauty, her housekeeping skills and gratitude for having children. A man will gladly help his wife with household chores, although there is no division of responsibilities in families.

The woman remains the keeper of the hearth, she suits the atmosphere in the house, which is able to preserve the warmth of love and closeness of two people living under one roof.

Children for Italians are the real flowers of life, which all relatives begin to pamper. However, parents bring up their children in respect of national traditions, instill in them a love of family and family relations, and also teach them that a man and a woman should treat each other with respect.

In no case should a man put himself above a woman and humiliate her dignity, because the main thing for a man is that his beloved woman and children are happy.

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