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The Maldives is one of the ancient countries that has been inhabited throughout history by different peoples. As a result of this, the blood of the entire population was mixed so much that it is simply not possible to distinguish one or another race. The inhabitants of the country are similar to Arabs or Indians with brown skin and black eyes.

In the Maldives, Islam is the main religion, but this does not mean that the inhabitants of the country strictly observe all Muslim rules. The reason for this is the mixing of a large number of races and cultures, as well as the influence of different peoples on the general principles of life.

Maldivians are very sociable people and in order to get to know them better, it is enough to talk to them for at least a short time. It will be very easy to find a common language, because almost all Maldivians speak English, in which they are almost fluent.

It may pleasantly surprise in the Maldives that you can meet Maldivians who speak fluent Russian as well. Even if you cannot understand each other, the Maldivians will not feel awkward and will be able to communicate with you with gestures.

Women in this country have practically equal rights with men. They take an active part in the social and political life of the country, occupy rather high positions, which they receive due to the fact that they have access to a complete education.

The same applies to personal life, when a woman and a man occupy the same position in the family. The only exception is the inability to have any connections before the wedding. Waiver of this rule is considered a gross violation and a large fine or even imprisonment is imposed for this.

However, despite such strictness with premarital relations, divorce in the Maldives is allowed, and without clarification of the reasons. Divorces do not become a public discussion and are not frowned upon, this causes a large number of divorces in the country.

It is a little strange to observe such an attitude towards the family, together with the fact that marriages are concluded with the observance of all the necessary customs and with the fact that families for the Maldivians mean much more than in many other countries. In such moments, the influence of different cultures is observed, each of which has its own characteristics and rules.

The family in the Maldives has a long tradition that is preserved through marriage. This applies to both women and men. When a marriage is contracted in a Maldivian family, the marriage contracts are concluded simultaneously with the consent of both parties.

Moreover, marriages are contracted without the presence of the bride herself. The presence of the groom himself, the fathers of the groom and the bride is sufficient, but in any case the bride must give her consent to the conclusion of this marriage.

For the Maldivians, family is a bond of kinship that is strictly revered by every family member and each family has kept all the ancient traditions for many generations. In almost every family, all family members know their entire family tree from the very beginning and even from the founder of a kind.

Part of the Muslim custom that is observed is that all women, when married, are required to wear headscarves so that the woman's hair and neck are always covered.

The same applies to clothing that should not expose a woman's body too much. However, like all Muslims, Maldivian women always wear a large number of jewelry made from natural materials, gold and stones.

Family is not just people close to each other, it is also a great sense of responsibility that is inherent in every person. Each person feels the same sense of responsibility towards his own country.

The Maldives is one of those countries in which modern views of life and the observance of ancient traditions and customs are amazingly combined. They have survived from every nation that has ever inhabited this country. The government is very attentive to the level of education in the country.

No matter how financially stable the family is, the child has the right to complete secondary education. Moreover, each person receives secondary education free of charge. In addition, every Maldivian has a desire to get higher education, because the country lacks specialists.

If a person wants to get a higher education, the government issues a subsidy that allows him to get education in foreign higher education institutions.

However, one condition must be met: after completing the training, the person must return to his country in order to work out any time for his state.

Maldivian families are very friendly and the children in the family treat their parents not just with respect, but with a special sense of equality. As a result, parents become friends and authorities for their children.

Many people try to get a complete education in order to be able to work for the good of their country, occupying decent positions and having a good salary by the standards of their country.

There are very few Maldivians who want to leave the country in order to find work abroad, since the country for the Maldivians is as dear as their own family.

Recently, a large number of foreign guests began to visit the Maldives, to whom the inhabitants of the country are quite tolerant and they are always ready to provide all the necessary signs of attention, despite the fact that the presence of foreigners in the country is not customary for residents.

It is possible that many Maldivian families can invite a guest to their home and show the signs of honor that are required by the customs and requirements of hospitality.

The treat that is displayed in front of the guest consists mainly of fruits, soft drinks and seafood dishes. These are the traditional dishes of the country, which are essential for any table and are considered the best treat for guests who need to show their respect and respect.

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