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To a large extent, by the way people celebrate holidays, family events or national celebrations, one can determine the lifestyle of people, their characteristic features. Even holidays such as New Years or Christmas, which are considered true family holidays, are celebrated differently in each country. It is very important for every nation to celebrate holidays according to traditions that have been preserved for many years.

These traditions are unique and individual in their own way, because they were collected by our ancestors and passed down from generation to generation. Common traditions that exist in each country unite society. However, family traditions and values ​​are completely different, and if you lose these values, you can completely turn the idea of ​​a family upside down.

For the inhabitants of Monaco, it is the preservation of all the traditions that exist and have come down to this day that become the goal of life. Young people no longer have such awe and respect for the very concept of family, let alone apply the customs of the people in everyday life.

Modern youth is distinguished by too free outlooks on life and for Monaco this is also a problem, as for most countries of the world. They can no longer see the world around them with the same eyes as their parents and grandparents. Young people live in a special rhythm of life, which is becoming faster and faster and does not give time to remember the customs that were so important for their parents and ancestors.

The preservation of ancient customs should concern not only the society itself, but also the government of the country. In Monaco, there is currently a struggle to return to all families the traditions and customs that existed before.

What is a traditional family? This is a family in which all relatives are sure that they are loved, that they will always be at home with warmth and comfort, and that they will always be helped in difficult times. The larger the family, the more warmth and kindness each of the family members receives.

Returning to the fact that the holidays are still traditional, you can see that traditions and rituals mean much more than just mandatory actions.

Christmas Eve in Monaco is the time when all family members meet. Nowadays, it often happens that fate can throw many in different cities and countries, so it is very rare, it turns out, to get together, to talk, to feel the warmth of relatives and friends. As a result, such holidays become an excellent occasion to unite the whole family, even if not for long.

In Monaco, at Christmas, a ceremony is held that has never been violated in any family - this is the rite of the olive branch. This ceremony consists in the fact that one of the guests, the youngest or, on the contrary, the oldest of all, takes an olive branch and dips it into a glass of wine. It is necessary that the wine is aged.

With this olive branch, the guest comes to the brightly lit fireplace and makes a prayer and the sign of the cross in front of it. After this action, all guests take a sip of wine and sit down at a festive table filled with traditional dishes. Round bread is also placed on the table at Christmas, on which four nuts and branches of olives are laid in the form of a cross. Of course, as elsewhere, at Christmas in Monaco, masses are celebrated in temples and churches.

Based on a similar tradition of celebrating Christmas, it can be understood that the people of Monaco are very religious and celebrate all religious holidays. Currently, many of the holidays are forgotten and they are celebrated only by the older generation, who remembers and honors each of them. In some families, even the rite of the olive branch is carried out somewhat differently, although this rite must be present at the holiday without fail.

Monaco is also famous for its carnivals, which are very fun and bright. Carnival is a celebration for the whole family when everyone comes together to see this grand performance. Nothing can compare with the costumes and decorations, with the splendor of the processions that can be seen at the carnival.

Residents of Monaco are proud that they have such an event, and the carnival has long taken the form of a public holiday, especially since the time of the carnival coincides with the time of one of the religious holidays. As a result, it is also customary for the carnival to get together and celebrate this holiday at the table and watching the procession.

Today, in order to revive the spirit of the traditional family, where each person must treat with respect and love their loved ones, additional classes are introduced in educational institutions. In these classes, children will be told about what families were like in Monaco until recently, what a traditional family is like, in which all customs and traditions always accompany the life of every person.

The challenge is for children to understand at an early age how important it is for everyone to have a complete and strong family that will shape the whole society and live for the benefit of their native country. How important it is for general development to know the concept of family values, which can completely change the life of each family member for the better, make everyone much closer and more friendly.

Even the prince of Monaco himself decided to set an example and return all traditions, customs and rituals to his family and show all residents of Monaco what a traditional real family should be like. Each country should have distinctive features, and each nation should be different from the rest in that it has its own personal characteristics and its own history, which is full of bright events and interesting traditions.

Many people already support their government and are trying to make changes in their family relationships, parents themselves began to give children more knowledge about their ancestors and instill in them a love for such a family, which has always been a symbol of the strength of Monaco.

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