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The historical roots of Russia go so deeply that it is very difficult to determine with precision when certain customs, traditions and rituals were created.

No other country has such a huge number of national holidays that are celebrated in Russia. Although not only national holidays in Russia are celebrated very widely.

Each culture that the country willingly accepts and which becomes part of Russian culture also makes its own adjustments, and many holidays of other peoples of the world in Russia are also ready to celebrate together with everyone.

In every republic and in every region, people celebrate national holidays, to which are added those that are inherent in a particular area.

People of all nationalities of the world live in Russia, and for everyone those living conditions are created that will be comfortable and convenient.

However, if we talk about family values ​​and customs, then Russia is practically the only country that simultaneously preserved its ancient inheritance, and at the same time, people in the country live as the new modern world requires, with its technological capabilities.

Families in Russia that were ten or twenty years ago are very different from those that exist today. Also, the families of those years cannot be compared with the traditional family that existed in Russia. Of course, in every country there are significant changes in family relations and in the preservation of traditions and customs.

However, all the same, Russian families live by their own rules, and in many of them they have simply forgotten that there is something single for everyone that unites truly Russian families. In addition, mixed marriages also contribute to the mixing of cultures and traditions and, in the end, completely forgotten.

A real Russian family is a strong, friendly community, in which a man is the main breadwinner, and a woman is the keeper of the hearth, responsible for the household, raising children and keeping the house in order.

Despite the fact that the man in the family is the owner and the wife must obey him in everything, in Russian families, almost always equality reigned, when the spouses lived in love and harmony, raised their children.

Russian women have always been distinguished by their hard work, and even if their day was filled with household chores from early morning, they always had enough time for themselves, for their children, parents and their beloved spouse.

It is worth noting that almost all marriages in Russia take place for love, excluding the moments when wealthy families are looking for a worthy couple for their children on their own, which corresponds to the situation. As a result, prosperity reigns in most families in Russia.

Both a man and a woman always have a lot of work around the house, a woman is usually on her feet from the very early morning, she gets up before everyone else in order to cook breakfast and send the man to work.

Then household chores begin. All things go faster if women - neighbors get together and, over funny songs, redo a huge number of household chores.

You never hear complaints about a hard life from a woman in Russia. Strong Russian women have not changed over time and now they are also busy with housework and work all day long, not noticing how the day goes by.

Many young spouses in Russia live with their parents if it is not possible to build their own house. Many families buy housing near their parents' home in order to be closer to them. Children in Russia always listen to the advice of parents in Russia, because the older generation is always wiser and will never say what will be wrong.

Both parents in the family are the authorities that children listen to. Without parental blessing, no one dares to take a serious step when it comes to marriage or leaving the parental home. However, of course, the main decision is made by the father, and the mother can only come to terms with the decision.

Divorces in Russian families are very rare and they are condemned by the public and relatives, especially if children remain in the divorced family. Most often, even if family relations have gone wrong, and the spouses are no longer close people to each other, they continue to live together only for the sake of their children, and none of the spouses can have a relationship on the side, because this is also condemned.

Family holidays in Russia are always celebrated very widely, and the whole family gathers for them. Love for children is a special conversation, because the birth of each child is very noisy and fun.

The more children, the more well-being in the family, and even if the family always lacks the means to live, a new child is always welcome. After all, there are relatives and friends who can help in difficult times.

Children in Russia are raised quite strictly, but not in fear, and they have a lot of freedom. Of course, not all children have the opportunity to receive a complete education, but in this case the parents themselves try to give some knowledge to their children so that they do not remain completely uneducated.

For children in Russia, everything possible is done so that they grow up worthy of their parents, and so that they can find their way in life. In every family, parents very seriously discuss the future of their children and their opportunities, which allow them to raise their children so that they will not be ashamed.

The foundations of the Russian family have not changed much today, except that currently there is no such thing as a master in the family. A woman and a man take the same part in the upbringing of their children, they have the same position in the family and in many cases, the woman is even more the breadwinner of the family than the man.

There are few large families left, and traditional national holidays are celebrated only in those places that are at some distance from cultural centers and big cities.

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