Families of Turkmenistan

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If you ask any woman how she imagines a full-fledged family, what she sees in family life, then regardless of age, nationality and place of residence, each woman can give approximately the same answer. Everyone needs a family in which love, friendship, mutual understanding and trust will reign.

Everyone needs a strong and friendly family. There must be complete understanding between the spouses. The same is true for children, who must honor and love their parents.

However, of course, family relationships may not always be ideal, and women do not always get what they would like to see in their family. Much depends on the spouses themselves, who sometimes cannot find a common language. In today's world, young people are sometimes too rushed to make big decisions like getting married and establishing serious relationships.

Turkmenistan can be attributed to the country where the family and marriage ties are treated completely differently than in many other Asian countries, when marriage is just an agreement between the parents of two young people. Such a marriage can be called a marriage of convenience, although most often there is simply an agreement between the two parties to marry children and become related to two old and respected families.

In this case, no one cares about what awaits the young family after such a marriage. You don't even have to say that there will be feelings. This is just a forced existence with each other, when the spouses just live together and raise children, and so it will be all their lives.

Turkmenistan is very careful about the feelings of young people who dare to take such a serious step as creating a family. Until recently, parents themselves decided the fate of their children and selected a pair for their son or their daughter on their own.

However, nowadays this happens very rarely, and young people have enough freedom of choice in order to find their other half, with whom they could live happily ever after. However, before deciding to marry, young people listen to the wise advice of their parents, who decide whether the young can live together or whether it is too early for them to think about serious matters.

Today's marriages in Turkmenistan are already more thoughtful, because before getting married, a man and women for some time try to create a prosperous material base for themselves, which will allow them to create a full-fledged family and quickly put it on its feet.

This is especially true of men, because it is they who bear the main burden of taking care of the family and children. He will need to support his entire family, wife and his children, who should not need anything.

Turkmenistan is known for its interesting and numerous traditions and customs that accompany all holidays and more or less significant events in the life of every person. Especially weddings are filled with various rituals that must be observed in order for a young family to be happy and prosperous. Weddings in Turkmenistan are held in much the same way as in most countries of the world.

First, matchmaking takes place, when the groom's relatives go with gifts to the bride's house and ask for the girl's hand. For such purposes, the most respected and oldest people in the groom's family are selected, who can negotiate as well as possible. After the consent of the bride's parents has been obtained, the question of which day the wedding ceremony will be held is decided.

However, a lot of time is left before the wedding ceremony after the matchmaking, because both the bride and groom still arrange holidays for their friends, at which they say goodbye to their bachelor life.

The bride in Turkmenistan invites all her friends who come to the holiday with refreshments. The girls sing, dance a lot and try to cheer up the bride, who is soon to leave her parents' house. The house in which she grew up and in which she spent her entire childhood. Young people also have fun in the groom's house.

In addition to these parties, before the wedding in Turkmenistan, there is also an engagement day, where various games and contests are arranged for young people, in which each of them must show their skills and abilities.

Of course, the wedding day is filled with an incredible number of very different rituals, each of which has its own special meaning for both young people, separately for the bride and groom, for their home and for their future children.

The groom's parents, before the wedding takes place, must think about where their son will take his young wife. As a result, the issue of housing is very acute. In Turkmenistan, the groom always decided the question of whether young spouses could go immediately to their new separate house and start their new life.

As a result, many parents cannot afford to marry their sons until they can provide adequate living conditions for him and his family.

As for the bride's parents, their responsibility is to make a large and very expensive gift for a young family, it can be either a large amount of money, or furniture for a new home or jewelry. In addition, the bride and groom themselves are obliged to make each other expensive gifts, which also take a lot of money. Do not forget about relatives, each of whom is required to give gifts and not offend.

Thus, in Turkmenistan, a wedding is a rather impressive event that requires large financial costs, but in this case, parents never skimp on gifts and amenities for their children, who can then live happily.

As a result, people begin to think about how to have a good wedding in Turkmenistan long before the time when a son or daughter decides to enter into a legal marriage and start their own family.

There is enough time to collect a good, rich dowry and prepare funds for the wedding and to buy gifts for all the numerous relatives, parents and young people themselves.

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