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Prehistoric animals

• The most unusual prehistoric animals

• The most amazing extinct animals

• The most terrible prehistoric inhabitants of the sea


• The most unusual pets


• Mammals

• The most cunning animals

• The rarest animals

• The scariest animals

• The most unusual animals

• The most incomprehensible animals

• The most famous animal hybrids

Predatory mammals

• The most ferocious predators

• The most famous man-eating animals

• The most famous animal painters

• The most unusual animal aggressors


• The most famous cats

• Interesting facts about cats

• The most expensive cat breeds

• Most popular cat breeds


• Prohibited dog breeds

• The most aggressive dog breeds

• The most expensive dog breeds

• The most famous dogs

• The rarest dog breeds

• The most daring dogs


• The most unusual snails


• The largest insects

• The most dangerous insects


• The most dangerous snakes

• The most unusual turtles

Underwater inhabitants

• The most dangerous sharks

• The most poisonous underwater inhabitants


• Birds

• The biggest birds

• The most unusual birds


• The richest animals

• The strangest flying animals

• The largest concentrations of animals

• The most unusual pairings

• The most unusual animal eggs

• The most unusual animal competitions

• The most unusual color mutations

• The most dangerous living creatures

• The most interesting zombie parasites

• The most hardworking animals

• The most aggressive natural invaders

• The most mysterious cases of mass death of animals

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