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Meaning of the name

Flora translated from Latin means "blooming". In Roman mythology, the goddess of flowers and spring bloom.


Little Flora surprises others with the wealth of the spiritual world and the generosity of the soul. She is docile and kind, she never refuses to help someone who needs her services. She has an innate ability to versification and a developed sense of rhythm, is very musical. She studies well at school, has many friends who adore her.

Flora is interested in serious literature, for example, on ancient history, philosophy, often keeps a diary, loves to visit the theater. He perceives what he has read and seen extremely emotionally, "lives" with the heroes their lives, especially when it comes to heroes of love stories.

Adult Flora is very easy to communicate, does not like arrogant, arrogant, boastful people. She knows how to listen to someone else's point of view and has the gift of persuasion, her opinion always carries weight with others.

Flora does not give in to other people's influence at all, she knows how to get out of any situation. She often pretends to be ambitious just to gain weight in the eyes of society. In fact, he does not strive for rapid career growth.

Flora has an excellent memory and an analytical mind. She is a clever and quick-witted woman, punctual and obligatory, albeit somewhat eccentric. However, under the theatrically relaxed appearance, there is a very sensitive and sensitive nature.

Most often, Flora prefers to work as a translator or flight attendant, as she has excellent language skills. In addition, she can successfully work in trade, in the diplomatic field, or try herself in the role of an actress and singer.

Often suffers from psychosomatic diseases, the weak point of the body is the respiratory system.


Flora is unusually attractive in appearance, she is overly excitable and amorous, she can easily succumb to a wave of surging passion, but cool down just as quickly. She dreams of being loved, but often cheats on herself, choosing men who are far from their ideal, who do not even suspect what kind of woman is in front of them.

In bed, she is passionate and hot, men with a calm temperament are not for her. If a partner does not suit her in temperament, Flora continues to maintain a relationship with him for some time, although she does not feel satisfaction.

However, in the end, her patience comes to an end, and the connection, exhausted, breaks, which causes Flora severe pain and can even cause depression, albeit short-term.

With a man who has the appropriate temperament, Flora is able to make love all night long, while experiencing an orgasm several times, with the second or third being the strongest. She attaches a lot of importance to foreplay, therefore a very hasty partner is unlikely to be able to fully satisfy a woman with this name.

Flora marries quite late: having created in his imagination the ideal of a man, for a long time he cannot find it. She tries to occupy a dominant position in the family, which she most often succeeds. She cooks well, but she will gladly delegate the daily chores of the household to her mother or mother-in-law.


Green, orange.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Sagittarius, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Flora gives the impression of something rough, angular, heavy, quiet, sad, slow.

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