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Azerbaijani names

Albanian names

American (Indian) names

English names

Anglo-Saxon names

Arabic names

Aramaic names

Armenian names

Assyrian names

African names

Aztec names

Baku names

Bulgarian names

Buryat names

Hungarian names

Vietnamese names

Hawaiian names

Gali names

Gothic names

Greek names

Georgian names

Danish names

Hebrew names

Egyptian names

Indian (Hindi) names

Indish names

Irish names

Icelandic names

Spanish names

Italian names

Kazakh names

Kalmyk names

Celtic names

Chinese names

Korean names

Latin names

Lithuanian names

Mongolian names

Norwegian names

Dutch names

German names

Persian names

Polish names

Russian names

Romanian names

Serbian names

Scandinavian names

Slavic names

Slovenian names

Thai names

Tatar names

Teutonic names

Turkish names

Welsh names

Finnish names

French names

Croatian names

Gypsy names

Chamorro names (Guam island)

Czechoslovak names

Chechen names

Swedish names

Swiss names

Scottish names

Esperanto names

Yakut names

Japanese names

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