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At one time a scandal broke out in European football. He urged the players of non-traditional sexual orientation not to hide this fact from the public.

This indirectly confirmed the presence of gays in the Bundesliga. Below we will talk about the most famous homosexual athletes who have declared their non-traditional orientation.

Jonathan de Falco (football, Belgium). The career of this 27-year-old player of the Racing Mechelen club turned unexpectedly. De Falco, who was the leader of the team, suddenly decided to end his sports career. The new place of work of the athlete has become a porn studio. Jonathan began acting in gay videos. The former footballer is now called Stani Falcone. He himself says that although he used to have a girlfriend, men have always piqued his interest. De Falco did not hide it. In addition to money, new work brings a lot of pleasure. Several major companies have already signed contracts with the new gay porn star.

Anthony Husen (football, Sweden). Former Liverpool player Glenn Husen is a celebrity in Sweden. His son, a 20-year-old midfielder for Utsiktens from Gothenburg (Division IV), has openly admitted to being gay. Hüsen himself, who is the honorary chairman of Liverpool's official Swedish fan club, said he was very proud of his son Anton's deed. The father has long expressed his support to the young gay man and does not see any problems in his orientation. The footballer hopes that his recognition will not affect his future career in any way, especially since the team is excellent. True, friends tease Anton, however, they do it without much malice.

Dave Kopey (American football, USA). The peak of this player's career came in 1964-1972. Kopey has played for solid American teams, including the Washington Redskins. In 1975, the player openly declared his homosexuality and even released his autobiography, The Story of Dave Kopey. That scandalous book immediately became a bestseller. I must say that Kopey became the first well-known and discovered gay person in the big sports in the USA.

Johnny Weir (figure skating, USA). This athlete was a three-time champion of his country in figure skating. From 197 to 2010, he managed to win 27 medals of various denominations in 51 competitions. The fame was brought to the athlete by his artistry, unusual costumes, and graceful skating. Weir has a unique technique, unlike most skaters, he jumps and rotates clockwise. The athlete has worked with many Russian specialists, including Tatiana Tarasova, Alexei Mishin and Galina Zmievskaya. Weir generally has a special relationship with Russia; he is even going to marry a Russian lawyer Viktor Voronov. When the couple met, the Russian did not even know anything about his new friend. Victor lives permanently in New York. Weir even got acquainted with the parents of his chosen one, the matchmaking was quite interesting and piquant. So now the skater has a real Russian family. And the athlete's open confession about his homosexuality happened in January 2011 in an interview with People magazine. Weir said that as a child he realized that he was gay, and then just took it for granted. I must say that the skater for a long time denied the rumors circulating about him, which appeared thanks to his careless words, actions and gentle style of skating.

Garrett Thomas (rugby, UK). When a person is two meters tall and weighs more than one hundred kilograms, questions about his sexual orientation usually do not arise. This is what Garrett Thomas, the sports legend and the most decorated rugby player in England, looks like. He plays for the Cardiff Blues and has over a hundred appearances for the Wales national team. This is the first known professional gay rugby player. The public recognition (coming out) took place in December 2009 in an interview with the Daily Mail newspaper. Thomas said that he felt like a bomb. He tried to keep his addictions a secret, hiding them in the depths of his soul, but he could not. In the summer of 2006, the player confessed his orientation to his wife, which ruined their marriage. Soon the coach and the whole team learned about Thomas's homosexuality, but they seemed to have protected him with a wall, supporting and rallying. The player says he doesn't want to have the fame of a gay rugby player. First of all, he is a rugby player, then a man, and only then is he gay.

Francisco "Xisco" Jimenez Tejada (soccer, Spain). This Spaniard currently has a contract with the English “Newcastle”, although the last season he spent on loan for “Deportivo la Coruña”. But back in 2007-2009, Tejada played 11 matches for the Spanish national team. Unlike many other athletes, this footballer never thought to hide his homosexuality. You can be convinced of this, since Tejada himself constantly uploads his unambiguous photos with other guys to social networks. The footballer became the first known gay person in the English Premier League. Maybe that's why his career in foggy Albion didn't go well?

Justin Fachanou (football, UK). This English footballer became the first black player to receive a transfer for a million pounds. It happened in 1981. Fashan had a lot of glorious clubs in his career - Norwich City, Nottingham Forest, Manchester City, West Ham. The official coming out took place in 1990. The player declared his homosexuality, becoming the first professional player to decide on such an act. The footballer's life ended tragically - he committed suicide in 1998. Fashanu was still actively playing in Australia, but his team and the coach had a psychological impact on him. In addition, the yellow press spread gossip about a drunken attempt by a footballer to rape a 17-year-old boy. And nobody cared that the charges were officially dropped due to lack of evidence.

John Amechi (basketball, UK). This basketball player became the first openly gay in the NBA, from 1995 to 2003 he played for such teams as the Cleveland Cavaliers, Utah Jazz and Orlando Magic. Finished Amechi's active career in Europe, where in the 1997/1198 season he managed to win the Euroleague with the Italian club "Virtus" from Bologna. Coming out took place in 2007, shortly after that the basketball player left the big sport. At the same time, Amecha's autobiography titled "The Man in the Middle" appeared. The book tells about the life of an athlete from the moment of his birth until 2004. It turns out that John felt very lonely because of his height and skin color, which even led to his discrimination. Amechi was forced to hide his homosexuality from family and friends. The athlete's revelations caused a real storm in the NBA. Every prominent basketball player has expressed his opinion on this matter. But suspicions of a different orientation of Amechi appeared long before the recognition. The basketball player said that he loves listening to opera music, cooking and playing in the garden. The spice was added by the fact that Amechi, with his height of 208 cm, did not in any way resemble the typical image of a gay.

Frederic Ljungberg (football, Sweden). This jet footballer became famous at London Arsenal, where he won the English Premier League and the National Cup. From 2006 to 2008, Frederick was the captain of the Swedish national team. After Arsenal, Lyngberg's career went downhill - West Ham, Seattle Sounders, Chicago Fire, Celtic. His last team is the Japanese Shimizu S-Pulse. Ljungberg, in addition to his sports career, was also able to prove himself as a model, presenting the underwear of the American company Calvin Klein. This is the only person on our list who never officially announced his homosexuality. But rumors have long been claiming that Freddie is gay. True, gossip did not prevent him from playing brilliantly. Ljungberg only expressed dissatisfaction with the excessive press attention to his sexual predilections. In the mid-2000s, the footballer tried to dispel rumors about his homosexuality by having an affair with the famous English model Lauren Hold. But participation in naughty advertisements and unusual red hair color gave the yellow press new reasons.

Greg Luganis (diving, USA). The water jumping Luganis is a legend. This athlete managed to become the only four-time Olympic champion in this type of competition in the world. Luganis became world champion five times, won six times at the Pan American Games. He won the championship of his country 47 times. Already knowing that his HIV test was positive, the athlete managed to win gold at the 1988 Seoul Olympics. In 1994, Luganis came out, telling the public the whole truth about himself. It is interesting that in the career of an American there are many intersections with our country. Luganis was the main contender for the Moscow-80 gold, but for political reasons, the US team refused to participate in those games. As a result, the championship went to Soviet and German athletes. And in 1986, at a competition in Austria, Luganis gave his cloth to wipe his body after a shower to the then 12-year-old Soviet boy Dmitry Sautin. Then no one knew that he would have to win 8 Olympic medals by jumping into the water from a springboard. That souvenir remained with Sautin for a long time. In 2012, Luganis turned 52. He leads an active lifestyle and fights HIV infection. The hobby of the athlete is to participate with his Jack Russell Terriers in obstacle course competitions. And here Luganis showed himself at the world level.

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