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Meaning of the name

Gregory is translated from Greek as "cheerful".


Her favorite pastime is running through puddles. He is fidgety, his knees are always bruised, clean socks instantly become dirty, the cups that touch his hands beat by themselves. Girls are not offended.

Adult Gregory is easily vulnerable and sensitive. Gregory is a daring bully, often hiding behind his daring heightened emotional sensitivity and vulnerability. An emphasized dry tone can unbalance him for a long time.

To please everyone and always is his motto, he pays a lot of attention to fashion; gallant in communication. He has good health and is balanced. At the same time, it can break, and then "scraps will fly through the back streets."

Likes to impress both men and women. In moments of danger, he is characterized by amazing courage. This name can take its owner far!

Resists fate. Can hardly bear responsibility and dependence. Anything ugly, awkward and rude can make him sick. It is difficult for loved ones to maintain an even relationship with him. An analytical mind, phenomenal memory, extreme curiosity, sensitivity. This is a born constructor.

Men with such a name successfully work as photographers, engineers, journalists, drivers, but they are sensitive to attempts to lead them. They like to attend football matches, hockey experts.

Gregory's future wife should be a good housewife, even in character. Gregory likes to sleep in the afternoon, eat delicious food. They do not spare money for food, although they are reluctant to go to the market and to the store. They love to have money in the family under their control. Wives usually put up with this, as their husbands know how to earn money.

He cannot always resist an attractive woman, so his wife needs to be careful in choosing her friends. A certain playfulness does not prevent Gregory from remaining monogamous. The mother-in-law treats him well, the children adore. Because of his eccentric nature, misfortunes often happen to him.


Usually a whole person: either all or nothing. Freedom-loving, smart, temperamental, sometimes violent. Resists fate. Loving, but affectionate. He is often scolded, but loved. Gregory's character is lively, sociable, he gives the impression of being serene. He attracts to himself with free and skillful conversation and, despite his desire, becomes the center of attention. Has a delicate and sensitive nature, prone to melancholy.

Gregory can hardly bear commitment and dependence. Hence his significant tendency towards disappointment and prejudice. He remains disappointed all his life, often finds solace in children. Admirer of beauty and grace; everything ugly, absurd and rude oppresses him to the point of illness.

It is difficult for loved ones to maintain an even relationship with him; his refined exactingness often does not take into account everyday life. Grigory hardly finds a partner, he is picky, squeamish. Sometimes he does not dare to come up and talk to a woman.

Grigory prefers that the initiative comes from his partner, he easily picks up the tone set by her. On a date, he is usually impressive, he never starts a conversation first, but first listens to the interlocutor. In an intimate relationship, he is modest, affectionate, easily wins.

She prefers to dominate in intimate relationships, demands complete submission from her partner. She loves long-term sex, after orgasm she lays in bed for a long time next to her friend, caressing her in every possible way, she can make coffee and serve her beloved, pamper a woman with a glass of good wine or champagne.

Women adore him for his modesty and attentiveness to a partner. Good player. Sexual life for him is a need, not entertainment. He is not like other men, he is more inherent in spirituality; he does not like to share his inner life with anyone. His appearance is often repulsive, but he achieves success, and not by violent measures: he is an opponent of harshness towards women.

A good family man, but can have a mistress. He does not like it when his wife criticizes him, he has his own opinion on every issue. Inventive, sometimes unkempt. Children of different sexes are born, but boys are always the first.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Grigory gives the impression of something rough, angular, evil, courageous, mobile, fast, bright.

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