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It has long been a well-known joke that all the most pleasant things in this life are either immoral or lead to obesity. We will tell below about such products, explaining where diseases associated with malnutrition come from.

Chewing candies and gum, as well as candy in bright packaging, other "chupa-chups", "maibones", etc. - all this is undoubtedly harmful. They contain huge amounts of harmful sugar, as well as dyes, substitutes, and other chemical additives. Is it natural? Very little, the rest is chemistry. In addition, excessive chewing activity can be harmful to people with dental disease.

Crisps. Manufacturers "pamper" consumers with both potato and corn chips, but both of these products are extremely harmful to humans. After all, chips are a mixture of fats and carbohydrates, wrapped in dyes and flavor substitutes. Eating French fries is akin to the same thing. Both there and there contain a large number of carcinogens that favor the development of cancer. The harm of chips is proven even by law; in America, manufacturing companies pay the state millions in fines.

Sugary sodas are a mixture of chemicals, gases and sugar. In fact, their only goal is the fastest distribution of harmful substances throughout the body. So, Coca-Cola is known for its ability to remove scale and rust. Consider whether it is worth sending such liquid to the stomach. Carbonated liquids also have an extremely high sugar content; 4-5 teaspoons per glass of water can be considered equivalent. It is not surprising that it is extremely difficult to quench your thirst with the help of such drinks, you want to drink in 5 minutes.

Chocolate bars. The well-known "Mars" and "Snickers" are a collection of huge amounts of calories, this is achieved through genetically modified foods, chemical additives, dyes and flavors. The bar boom began in the 90s, the huge amount of sugar in this product makes people eat it over and over again. Advertising lures kids because it's so easy to eat a bar and be full. If there is such a product, then you should choose the one that contains coconut, which is useful and quickly absorbed.

Sausage. This section includes all the variety of sausages and sausages. Even if we assume that there is no paper in sausages, and that minced meat of cows and pigs is used in sausages, all the same, these meat delicacies are one of the most harmful in modern cooking. Sausage contains hidden fats such as lard, viscera and pork skin. They are hidden by flavors and flavor substitutes. Genetic engineering is used not only in medicine, but also in the production of sausages; more and more manufacturers are using genetically modified raw materials. Today wieners, sausages and sausages are 80% transgenic soybeans. Today's standards are content with 20% meat content in products, which was not allowed in Soviet times. And these percentages can be in the form of a puree of crushed bones, veins and cartilage. Fatty meat is also not good for the body, which fats give high cholesterol. This substance clogs blood vessels, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Mayonnaise. If this product is cooked at home and used in small quantities, then there will be no harm from it. But if you start talking about factory-made mayonnaise or about dishes with this product, then you should know that its use is extremely harmful. Mayonnaise is extremely high in calories, high in fats, carbohydrates, as well as dyes, sweeteners and other chemicals. Therefore, think once again, deciding to add a little mayonnaise "for taste" to the dish, which may well do without it. A special concentration of harmful substances is found in hamburgers, shawarma, sandwiches with mayonnaise. This group of hazardous substances includes ketchups, various sauces and dressings, which are abundantly presented on the shelves. They have a similar composition of dyes, flavor substitutes and genetically modified foods.

Fast food products. It is so temptingly convenient to use them, it is worth adding boiling water to a cup and now noodles, soup or mashed potatoes are ready. Like instant juices, these products contain few natural ingredients and are mostly based on chemistry. All bacon, shrimp and chicken flavors are based on artificial ingredients. The noodles themselves, by their composition, are quite aggressive to the gastric mucosa, two or three packs a week can lead to gastritis, and then ulcers.

Salt. Everyone knows the proverb: "Salt is the white death", but few people really limit the consumption of this product. But salt increases blood pressure, disrupts the balance of acids in the body and helps to accumulate toxins. Yes, it is difficult to completely abandon it, try to at least limit the amount of excessively salty foods. Some diseases generally require a salt-free diet. It would be appropriate to mention that the use of natural rock or sea salt is better than chemically purified to the state of sodium chloride. It is recommended to consume no more than 4 grams of salt per day.

Alcohol. In addition to the noise in the head, alcohol interferes with the absorption of vitamins. By themselves, these drinks are very high in calories, and their effect is not limited even for days. You can talk for a long time about the dangers of alcohol on the liver, kidneys - these are well-known facts. Don't rely on the fact that moderate amounts of alcohol are even beneficial. This fact is related to its reasonable and rare consumption. In addition, it should be remembered that many alcoholic beverages are of unclear origin, they contain a large number of toxic substances.

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