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Meaning of the name

Iya in translation from ancient Greek means "violet".


As a child, Oya is very withdrawn, does not like to communicate with peers, does not study very well, mainly because she is not interested in it. But as soon as she becomes interested in something, Ieu simply does not recognize, her eyes are burning, from somewhere there is a frantic energy and ability to work.

Growing up, Iya becomes a very straightforward and intolerant person. Iya absolutely does not accept deception in any of its manifestations. She has a surprisingly strong will, which helps her to achieve a lot in life.

Iya flashes easily, she is extremely emotional, vulnerable and sensitive, although you can't tell outwardly. Iya is not at all ambitious, she does not seek to make a career, however, a career finds it on its own.

Iya absolutely does not tolerate dirt, her pathological love for cleanliness can drive you crazy. At home, Oya does not let go of a rag, with which he constantly wipes or washes something.

Iya can work in the field of accounting, finance, banking, law.


Iya is quite attractive, she is beautiful, always dresses with taste, pleasant to talk to. Even a man experienced in sex sees in her some kind of zest that makes him tremble.

Iya herself usually does not know about her attractiveness, because she is too afraid of failures in love. She is afraid of a serious relationship, afraid to show her feelings, most of all fearing that a man may not reciprocate her.

She never imposes herself on anyone, but, having made sure that she is interesting to the chosen one, she is able to surrender to him without setting any conditions. If a man shows enough affection, tenderness and warmth to Iya, she can become a kind of clay in his hands.

Iya does not belong to the number of women who look at outwardly handsome men, appearance for her practically does not matter, she appreciates other qualities in him, among which, not in the last place, is his passion, sexual experience, and the ability to deliver pleasure.

Iya pays little attention to public opinion, does not consider gossip and gossip. Sometimes, she even likes to be talked about, it tickles her vanity.

Iya treats men with distrust, believing that it is impossible to rely on them completely, but loves men, life without them has no color for her.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Iya gives the impression of something good, light, joyful, beautiful.

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