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Meaning of the name

Hilarion translated from ancient Greek means "cheerful".


Since childhood, Hilarion has a wonderful sense of humor, is honest and sociable. He is loved for his ability to listen, his willingness to always support and help. Hilarion takes unpleasant situations too close to his heart.

Hilarion marries late, because his indecision and excessive timidity do not allow him to open up earlier. In marriage, Hilarion is happy, his wife is a kind, understanding woman, only with her he is completely liberated.

Hilarion is an introvert, he does not like and does not know how to communicate with strangers. His modesty and lack of even a hint of perseverance prevent him from moving up the career ladder.

His wife understands him and does not demand big earnings from him, since she wants Hilarion to work comfortably. Hilarion is a wonderful husband and father. Family for him is the greatest gift of fate, which must be valued and cherished. For the sake of his family, he is able to move mountains.

Some Hilarions never get married, but become servants of God. Hilarion can work as a programmer, designer, teacher, artist, wood carver, skilled cabinetmaker, chaser.


Hilarion manifests himself in love in a slightly different way than many men. For him, the ideal of a woman is a woman-friend, a woman-mother who will not demand mad love and money from him, roll up scenes of jealousy, he needs an understanding woman, kind.

His marriage is usually based on friendship, moreover, a long one, and he chooses a partner with whom he can talk about any topic. Hilarion is not jealous, he shows an amazing ability to become attached to a woman who will love and appreciate his rich inner world.

Despite the outward timidity, Hilarion has great sexual opportunities. He is not inclined to change his beloved, it is not in his rules to part from the fact that a woman is bored with him.

Hilarion can love and evoke strong feelings even in old age. He is capable of strong erotic experiences, sex is important to him, but does not play a primary role.

Hilarion burns with an even sensual flame, he is romantic, demands attention to himself and has a rare ability to restore broken ties. In a partner, above all, he values ​​loyalty and understanding. He will not shower his beloved with money, but she will always feel his care and love.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Pisces, Libra, Taurus.


The sound of the name Illarion gives the impression of something bright, joyful, kind.


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