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Meaning of the name

The Russian form of the Hebrew name Elijah means "the power of God".


Respect for the name Ilya in Russia has deep roots, here both Russian epics and the Orthodox image of Elijah the prophet, who at one time replaced the pagan thunderer Perun. Sometimes even Ilya experiences excessive attention to his person and therefore can behave in society somewhat cautiously and restrained. Nevertheless, it is impossible to call his character closed, rather he is simply even in communication with both loved ones and strangers.

Sometimes in communication with Ilya it is difficult to understand how he treats you, nevertheless, know that even if he looks a little chilly, it is most likely not because of a negative attitude, but because of his special demeanor.

Be sure that if he does not like you, he will find a way to make it clear to you, or even tell you directly. If you want to get Ilya's favor, then note that he does not like compliments, respecting restraint in praises.

Ilya is an extremely economic person. This trait manifests itself in him as early as childhood. With the right upbringing, he becomes a good helper for the mother in her household chores and the father in his household chores. He will be eager to participate in the construction of a summer cottage, growing a vegetable garden, and repairing a car.

With this child, there will be no trouble at all if you closely follow the circle of his friends - Ilya is not very picky in choosing his comrades, he easily lends itself to their influence, and since he is sociable and mobile, he has no shortage of acquaintances.

Ilya, as a rule, creates his family in detail - and here his economic vein manifests itself. He is unlikely to marry without standing firmly on his feet, without having enough income to support his family. Loves children faithfully.

For all his devotion to family and home, Ilya, meanwhile, is a fidget, willingly travels. He has a sharp mind. He is kind, but quick-tempered. He quickly departs and is ready to take the blame on himself in any quarrel. In the character of Ilya there are many maternal traits, in general he is a person, as if reflecting the rays of the bright warm sun.


He is gentle, attentive, caring, amorous, appreciates the tact of the woman with whom he communicates. Ilya will not tolerate a rude, assertive partner next to him and will break the connection in spite of himself. He will be outraged when he hears in a circle of close friends an unflattering statement about a woman with whom he is close; does not take part in "male" conversations.

Ilya is no stranger to love adventures, but he experiences emotional contact only with that partner in whom he sees not only an object of sexual attraction, but also an understanding friend.

Ilya's intimate life is orderly, he plans the time of his sexual relations. He tries to subdue the woman. If he does not succeed, he is very worried, and having received a howl, he immediately loses interest in his partner. In bed, he may lack spontaneity, but he more than compensates for this with a rich erotic program.

Ilya needs some comfort in love, even sounds can affect him, and therefore it is difficult for him to relax. Ilya is attracted by the highest pleasure, for him the most important thing is to defeat a woman equal to him, free and independent.

Ilya does not expect manna from heaven from life, and therefore, when trouble comes and other men panic, get angry or get lost, he breaks ahead and takes on a new business.

He can be rude with a woman, inattentive and even harsh in front of everyone, but alone - he will demonstrate her true feelings. Ilya is very emotional and sexy, he spends a lot of time looking for inner comfort, however, receiving pleasure from both repentance and sexual excesses. However, he also has high feelings.

Ilya is capable of self-control, he may be lucky in different areas of life. Shows emotions easily and naturally; conquers a woman with a noble outlook on life (however, these are mainly his fantasies, his real life is quite problematic). He is capable of many things.

Ilya usually strives for success and fame, often makes decisions spontaneously, without thinking about the consequences. He has a hot head, a furious temperament, he is quick-tempered over trifles, easily catches fire and cools down just as quickly.

Seeks knowledge of female psychology, whether it be intellectual contacts, friendship or romantic adventures. He is violently carried away by new ideas, but at the same time he rarely brings the work started to the end.

Ilya makes high demands on his wife, he is afraid to be disappointed in his chosen one. Feels fear of an unsuccessful marriage, and if the fears are justified, this unsettles him for many years.

If Ilya has chosen a bride for himself, he will exalt her to heaven and overwhelm her with gifts. Constantly being with her, he will quickly discourage other fans.

As a father is impeccable - few daughters and sons can boast of such love and devotion of a parent. Mostly boys are born in marriage, very rarely a girl.



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The sound of the name Ilya gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, simple, smooth, round, kind, light, light, gentle, feminine, brave, cheerful, bright, joyful.

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