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Abiagil - Happy Father
Avonmora - from the great river
Agavig - from an old tree
Agadrina - bush
Agna - chaste, holy
Aerin - the world
Aerinn - the world
Aine - shining
Alastrayona - protector of humanity
Annora - honor
Anora - honor
Aoibhin - beautiful, fair
Aoibhinn - beautiful, fair
Aoif - beauty
Arin - the world
Assampta - speculation
Astor is a favorite
Ahana - a small ford
Amora - from a large meadow

Barran - small, best
Bebhayonn is a fair lady
Bebhinn is a fair lady
Beibhinn is a fair lady
Biddy - Exalted
Blatnut is a small flower
Blatnaid - small flower
Blatin is a small flower
Bry is power
Bride - Exalted
Bryid - Exalted
Brida - Exalted
Brogan - small shoes
Bronag - grief
Bronak - grief
Brady is a big chest
Buan - perfection
Beibing - foreign, strange
Barbr - foreign, strange

Gobinet - the little blacksmith
Gobnet - the little blacksmith
Gobnet - Little Blacksmith
Gormlate - Lady, Princess
Grainne - grain

Dakay - tenant, vassal
Damnate - a small deer
Darina - fertile, fruitful
Deirdre - a young girl
Delaney - dark aspirant
Dellma is good
Delma is good
Derbhale - the daughter of fate
Dervila is the poet's daughter
Dervla is the poet's daughter
Darin - fertile, fruitful

Ibha - alive
Idan - face
Idaoin - face
Ida is thirst
Isibil - God is my oath
Isolde is fair
Ita - thirst
Juil - youth

Kadhla - beautiful
Kaelea - Slim
Kaeli - slim
Kaley - Slim
Cali - Slim
Callie - Slim
Kaoilinn - fair and slim
Kaoilfhayonn - fair and slim
Kaoilainn - fair and slim
Kaoimh - beautiful
Karei - dark
Kari - dark
Katraoin - pure
Casey - Alert, Awake
Kiannate - Ancient, Distant
Kiara is a little African American
Keel - slim
Keely - Slim
Killy - Slim
Clodag - dirty
Kolmkilla - church dove
Comina is shrewd
Kongali - permanent
Kings - rose
Quinn - head, dog, wolf
Kayla - Slim
Kayleigh - Slim
Kayleigh - Slim
Kailin is a girl
Caillie - Slim
Kate - clean
Caitlin - pure
Catrayona - clean
Kathryn is pure
Katria - pure

Lyle - lily
Laoiz is a famous warrior
Liadan - the gray lady
Liadane - the gray lady
Lian - torch, moon or secretly escape
Luaysic - oath
Luisic - oath
Lula - Princess of Plenty

Mavoernine is my honey, my candy
Madeilein - from Magdala
Maev - poisoned
Maeva - poisoned
McKenna, daughter of Kionaodh
Murphy - the sea warrior
Meave - poisoned
Mivin - Poisoned
Myrna is the beloved
Mollade - sweetheart
Mor - big
Mora is the sweetheart
Maureen is big
Morna - sweetheart
Morrian the big queen
Morrigan is the big queen
Muadnet - Little Nobleman
Maeve - poisoned
Magdlin is gorgeous
Madie is a young woman
Mayor - sweetheart
Marenn is the sweetheart
Maryad - pearl
Marin - sweetheart
Marsile - Warlike
Murgil - marine, bright
Murjen - born of the sea
Murenne - born of the sea
Murin - born of the sea
Murinn - maritime, fair

Naomh - saint
Neil is a nickname for Eleanor, Ellen and Helen
Nessa is the one, only choice
Niamh - beauty, brightness
Nisa is the one, only choice
Nissa is the one, only choice
Noirin - honor, valor
Nora - honor, valor
Nuala - White Shoulder
Nainsey - benefit, grace

Odharnate - a little painful
Oilbh - olive tree
Honora - honor, valor
Orlate - the golden princess
Ormond - descendant of Ruadh
Ornia - the golden lady
Orfhlate - the golden princess
Ossia - a small deer

Padrageen - noblewoman

Ragnailt - wrestling
Rayognak - queen
District - clean
Rayonak is the queen
Ratnate - a little graceful
Regan is the little queen
Regan is the little queen
Rignak is the queen
Roisin - slightly increased
Rachel - Sheep

Sabranne - original name for the River Severn in England
Sadb - sweet
Sadhbh - sweet
Sile is blind
Sain is a good god
Sayobkhan - good god
Sayomha - peaceful, good
Cyofra - elf
Saoirs - freedom
Sarade is excellent
Serlate - Human
Serlate - Human
Sybil is god is my oath
Siebhfhayonn - fair
Sinid is a good god
Sitmate - peaceful, good
Sloane the Little Raider
Slane - health
Soanna - lily
Saybh - sweet

Taegan - Little Poetess
Talalla - Princess of Plenty
Thallia - peaceful
Tigan is a little poet
Toyisa - the reaper
Trisa the reaper

Una - lamb

Fine - grapevine
Fiona - the vine
Fayonnaguala - White Shoulder
Fayonnguala - white shoulder
Fayonnuala - white shoulder
Fedelma is good
Feidhelm - good
Fidelma is good
Finnguala - white shoulder
Fuamnak - jealous

Hiolair - joyful, happy

Ebha - alive
Edain - face
Eibhlin is a small bird
Eilinora - foreign, different
Eilis - God is my oath
Eilish - God is my oath
Eirin - the world
Eirinn - the world
Eithn - core
Eibhillin is a small bird
Eibhlin is a small bird
Aigneis - chaste, saint
Eidin - face
Eilbh - white
Eingil - angel, messenger
Eirin - the world
Aislin - dream, vision
Eisling - dream, vision
Aislinn - dream, vision
Eitn - core
Eitnea - core
Emer - Ready, Fast
Ennis is the one, only choice
Erin is the world
Erinn is the world
Etn - core
Etain - face


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