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Meaning of the name

Israel translated from Hebrew means "rival of God".


Israel is often born into a large family. The character is complex. Talented, required. Everything that is undertaken, brings to the end - or not at all. Israelis are stubborn, they love to prove their own. They are constant fighters for justice. They are cautious and grumpy, do not trust anyone. A good family man, boys are born. He is neat, proud and secretive.

They are squeamish, vulnerable, have a high opinion of themselves, and are similar in character to their father. He reads a lot, especially historical novels. They make talented mathematicians, physicists, philosophers, journalists. In their free time they play chess.

They constantly analyze their actions, do not envy anyone, on the contrary, they help others in difficult situations. But a career is hard for them: they do not like to adapt to anyone. They love animals and walk with them in the evenings.

Israel, first of all, is independent both in the family and among colleagues, it is firm in its convictions and ambitious. His vanity runs counter to his analytical thinking and remarkable, almost brilliant mind. Passionate and ardent nature, he is always in the midst of problems. He tries to take care of the welfare of his family.

He often shows colossal courage and initiative. Strength of character, prudence and strong will help him on the path to success. He subordinates many to his will, bringing meaning to their lives. Honest to colleagues and truthful in the family. We are cheerful in the company, we are loved by friends.

Israel is a brilliant speaker and talented leader, does not like gossip and knows how to be strict. Energy, experience and extensive knowledge allow Israel to achieve the highest results under the most unfavorable conditions for itself.

He does not envy anyone, always tries to help. He does not like to adapt, so he makes his career slowly. Spends his free time playing chess, walking the dog.


Israel is collected, loves order in everything, careful with women. He strives for clarity and simplicity in intimate relationships, but shyness complicates his love affairs. His sexual capabilities are high, but his partner is more struck by his attention to her, affection and warmth during intimate meetings.

Israel is able to satisfy the most sophisticated partner, its love foreplay is exquisite, the touch to the erogenous zones is especially gentle, the excitement is great, which contributes to the early onset of orgasm in a woman. Love play increases sexual arousal not only in Israel, but also in his partner; petting is a great addition to normal sexual intercourse.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Israel gives the impression of something good, beautiful.

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