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Akayo is a smart man
Aki - autumn, bright
Akio - handsome, handsome
Akira - bright, clear, dawn
Akihiko is a bright prince
Akihiro - smart, scholar, bright
Areta - new
Atsushi - warm-hearted, hardworking

Goro is the fifth son

Jero is the tenth son
Jiro is the second son
June - obedient
Junichi - obedient, purity, first
Dakey - of great value
Deisyuk is a great helper
Daichi is a great first son or big earth

Izamu - brave, warrior
Izao - honor, merit
Izeneji is the man who invites
Ioichi - male, first (son)
Iori - addiction
Yoshayo is a good person
Yoshi is good
Yoshikezu - good and harmonious, fair, first (son)
Yoshinori - noble dignity, fair principles
Yoshiro is a good son
Yoshito is a good, lucky person
Yoshihiro - Widespread Perfection
Yoshieki - Righteous Glory, Bright Fortune
Yoshiyuki - Fair Happiness
Iuoo - Stone Man
Ichiro is the first son

Kayoshi - Quiet
Keiji - respectful, second (son)
Keiichi - respectful, first (son)
Ken - healthy and strong
Kenji is an intellectual ruler
Kenichi - first builder, governor
Kenta - healthy, strong
Kenshin - the humble truth
Kero - ninth son
Kiyoshi - pure, holy
Kyo - endorsements, ginger, or greater
Kichiro is a lucky son
Koji - filial ruler, happy, second (son)
Koichi - flamboyant, widespread, first (son)
Koheku - amber
Kunayo - compatriot
Kazuki - the beginning of a new generation, a pleasant world, or shine
Kazuo is a harmonious person
Kazuhiko is the first, harmonious prince
Kazuhiro - harmony, widespread
Keitashi - hardness
Catsero - the victorious son
Katsu - victory
Katsuo is the victorious child

Makoto is true
Masashi is the correct, luxurious official
Mikayo - tree trunk man
Minori - a beautiful harbor, a village of beautiful people
Minoru is fruitful
Mitser - full, height
Mitsuo is a bright man, third man (son)
Michayo is a man on the (right) path
Michie - trail
Madoka - calm
Mazuio - the magnifying world
Mazaki - correct record, graceful tree
Mazenori - Right Principles, Successful Government
Mazeo - fix the person
Mazaru - intelligent, victorious
Mazeto is a correct, graceful person
Mazahiko - Fix the Prince
Mazahiro - Run Wide
Mazeki - correct brightness
Mamoru - protect
Manabu - diligent
Mesa is an abbreviation for names beginning with "Mesa"
Masayoshi - managing fair, flamboyant perfection
Masaiuki - correct happiness

Naoki is an honest tree
Noboru - Rise, Rise, Virtuous
Nobu - faith
Nobuo is a devoted person
Nobuyuki - devoted happiness
Norayo is a man of principles
Nori is shorthand for names beginning with "Nori"
Neo - honest

Ozemu - ruler

Rio is superb
Ryota - strong, strong
Rokero is the sixth son
Raiden - Thunder and Lightning
Ryuu - dragon

Seiji - warning, second (son)
Seiichi - warning, clean, first (son)
Suzumu - Progressive
Sebero is the third son
Sedeo is a decisive person
Setu - enlightened
Setoshi - clear thinking, quick-witted, wise

Takashi is a filial official worthy of praise
Takayuki - filial happiness, noble
Taro - to the great son (this name is given only to the first son)
Teruo is a bright person
Tetsuo - clear (thinking) man, iron man
Tetsuya - become iron, clear evening
Tomayo - Guardian Man
Tohru - penetrations, wanderer
Toshayo - anxiety man, genius
Toshi - Emergency
Toshieki - alert and bright, mature brightness
Toshiyuki - alert and happy
Tsuyoshi - Strong
Tsuneo is a common man
Tsutomu - worker
Tedeo is a loyal person
Tedeshi - correct, loyal, fair
Takeo - warrior
Tekehiko - soldier prince
Tekeshi - fierce, warrior
Tekumi - artisan
Tekeo is a tall, noble man
Tekehiro - widespread nobility
Temotsu - full, protective
Tatsuo - Dragon Man
Tetsuya is the dragon that one becomes (and possesses its wisdom and longevity)

Fumayo - literary, academic child

Hideki is a luxury opportunity
Hideo is a luxury man
Hidiki - flamboyant excellence, luxurious brightness
Hizoka - saved
Hizeo is a durable person
Hizashi - durable
Hikaru - light or shining
Hiro - wide, widespread
Hiroaki - widespread brightness
Hiroyuki - Widespread Happiness
Hiroki - rich joy, strength
Hiromi - widespread observation, widespread beauty
Hiroshi - abundant, widespread
Hitoshi - balanced, level
Hoteka - step by step
Hajime - the beginning
Haruo - Springtime Man
Hechiro is the eighth son

Shig is shorthand for names beginning with "Shij"
Shijeru - excellent, abundant
Shijo is a bountiful person
Shin is true
Shinji - devotee, second (son)
Shinichi - devotee, first (son)
Shiro is the fourth son
Shichiro is the seventh son
Shoji - correcting, shining, second (son)
Shoichi - correct, successful, first (son)
Shuji is excellent, second (son)
Shuichi is excellent, manager, first (son)

Eiji is an excellent second son, a luxurious ruler

Yuichi - brave, friendly, first (son)
Yukayo is a happy man
Yuki - happiness, snow
Yutaka - Abundant, Prosperous
Yuu - superior
Yuudei is a great hero
Yuchi - brave, second, son

Yasuo is an honest, peaceful person
Yasuhiro - Rich Honesty, Widespread World
Yasushi - honest and peaceful

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