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Meaning of the name

Joseph translated from Hebrew means "God will multiply."


The name Joseph does not have excessive firmness, and is it not why the greatest dictator of the communist era, Joseph Dzhugashvili, took the pseudonym Stalin for himself? In terms of its energy, it is quite calm, but one can feel a significant force in it, similar to the force of a sea wave, slowly rolling onto the granite coast and methodically transforming an invincible rock into sand. Joseph usually knows how to wait, he is in no hurry, as if he has eternity ahead of him.

A strange, slightly mesmerizing melody of a name can awaken a rather powerful imagination in a person with such a name, it is a pity that at the same time, Joseph's fantasies are often painted in dark tones. The reason for this is that the main power of the name is directed towards overcoming any obstacles and suggests a tendency to discontent.

Another thing is that a balanced Joseph is usually in no hurry to pour out his discontent, but at the same time he does not accumulate negative emotions, directing his energy towards gradual progress towards the goal.

Joseph is very persistent and it is unlikely that he will easily deviate from his own. At the same time, he is gentle and even in disputes prefers to defend his convictions calmly. Often his whole life is devoted to one thing, and with such a character he, of course, has every chance of achieving success. His calmness can bewitch and at the same time ensure the sympathy of others.

In its other form - Osip - the name sounds much harder, but in this case its sustainable energy does not have a clear focus on achieving the goal. Rather, on the contrary, the name Osip represents the very shore on which the wave breaks.

Osip is firm and proud, but he lacks some activity and openness. At the same time, the closed energy of the name presupposes the accumulation of emotions, and therefore, sufficient strength of feelings, bordering on passion.

It is possible that Osip's vanity will be too painful, while if Joseph smoothes his vanity by looking for solutions to the problems that have arisen, then Osip simply carries his grievances inside himself, which sometimes can very much complicate his life and turn him into a nervous, irritable person.

In both cases, the energy of the name is able to ensure success in a career, especially in creative fields, however, in order to ensure full happiness and avoid problems in family life, both Joseph and Osip will benefit from becoming a little more open and a little more fun to relate to life.

In early childhood, Joseph is irritable. This boy is difficult to please: the porridge is not the same, the toy is not that. By school age, this quality passes imperceptibly.

From Josephs, docile, kind, warm-hearted people grow up, responsive to any misfortune, always ready to help those who need it. They are good husbands and fathers. Moreover, Joseph usually has at least two children, whom he loves very much and who tirelessly cares about until the end of his days. Although many Josephs in their first marriage are unhappy - for some reason they come across wives with a bad character - the second marriage is usually successful.

Most often, Josephs work in art and trade. In old age, many suffer from polyarthritis.


A sensitive and sensual sex partner. He does not deceive women when he declares his love, does not promise the impossible. He tries not to reassure his partners if he knows that he cannot give them what they expect. Joseph is highly sexual, temperamental, physically enduring.

Joseph is very humble and does not boast of his sexual prowess. He does not like to talk about intimate relationships with women, he is secretive, decent. She never speaks badly of her partners, even if they deserve it. He just breaks up with them.

A very sexy, potentially strong partner. Always confident in his abilities, never fails. A gentle and affectionate man, devotes a lot of time to love preludes. He does not tolerate harsh, rude partners, he can refuse intimate relationships if he does not like something.

Joseph prefers prolonged sex, for a long time he can be in a state of erection even after orgasm, which allows him to continue sexual intercourse. Skillfully and easily brings a woman to a climax. Receives great pleasure from oral sex, knows no taboos during intimacy.

Joseph tries to choose professional partners, gives them the opportunity to show initiative. Doesn't like to change partners often. The most suitable partner for him may be a woman born in November.

Joseph prefers simple, without florid sex. He is so professional that he does not need to be sophisticated in order to get satisfaction and satisfy his partner. He is very temperamental, passionate, but does not always give vent to feelings. Restrains himself so as not to shock his partner. He likes to undress a woman himself, slowly caressing and thus preparing for intimacy.

For Joseph, the environment in which intimacy takes place is of great importance. There should be no one in the house, so that there are no extraneous sounds, coziness and comfort dispose him to sex. He is unhurried, tunes in for long sex. He does not like to have sex when there is not enough time at his disposal, it is better to postpone the date to another day.

Joseph is overly sensitive to extraneous, unpleasant odors, which also affects his desire to have sex. Does not tolerate group sex, never wants to try it. Joseph enjoys giving his partner expensive gifts, making her happy with egg surprises. Won't go to bed with a woman he doesn't like.

For Joseph, the appearance of a partner is very important, he is turned on by a good figure, high chest, beautiful legs. He is curious and interested in literature about sex, but no one should know about this. Born in August, Joseph is very temperamental, he is not satisfied with the well-known sexual methods of satisfaction, he looks for other ways, experiments. Gets great pleasure from orgasm during love affairs.

Born in winter, Joseph prefers oral sex, he gets the most pleasure from such sex.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of iemni Joseph gives the impression of something rough, quiet, sad.

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