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Meaning of the name

Roman generic name means "curly", "fluffy".


Juliet has an innate sense of justice. She is restrained, does not seek to please, but despite this, she is loved and appreciated. Especially for loyalty in friendship and the ability to self-sacrifice.

Juliet is very flexible and compliant in a relationship with her beloved, does not get bitter, does not get angry, if there is a reason for jealousy, tries to achieve peace of mind. She is sweet, kind, equal with everyone.

Juliet inherited a difficult character from her mother, and external data from her father. She is more attached to her father, but with her mother, almost until the very marriage, she does not find a common language. At school he studies well, having time to study both music and dancing.

Likes to read novels "about love", sometimes keeps a diary. Juliet is kind and unforgiving, although sometimes she is unpredictable, she can suddenly, for no apparent reason, break off all relations with a person.

Some Juliet marry late, although they are popular with men, and perhaps this is why they are choosy brides. They love society, willingly go to visit - more willingly than accept them at home. Good cooks and great sweets.

Those born in winter are nervous, irritable and very independent. They do not tolerate the slightest criticism in their address and always act in their own way. They are endowed with a rich imagination and sometimes excessive emotionality: Juliet will experience events in some movie or play she likes as if it happened to her in her own life.

Excessive emotionality, bordering on exaltation, makes it difficult to establish good relations with the mother-in-law. They are the type of women who love to be seen.

Juliet, born in summer, is sociable, hospitable and very sensual.

Born in the fall - pragmatic and reasonable, ponder every step; in the same way, after weighing all the pros and cons, they get married. They are communicative, easy-going, easy to communicate, know how to listen to the opinion of another. By nature, they are optimists and cannot stand people suspicious, always whining.


Juliet's peace of mind is easily disturbed. These women simply die without love, which sometimes ends in a mental disorder: they do not know how to distinguish between feelings of sympathy and sexual attraction. Very impressionable, extremely difficult to experience betrayal.

Their free behavior suggests that there are no moral norms for them, but in fact this is not at all the case.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Libra, Cancer, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Juliet gives the impression of something rough, courageous, strong, brave, big.

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