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Meaning of the name

Old Church Slavonic means "bright and glorious".


An intelligent and proud girl, she has self-esteem. Yaroslava can stand up for herself in an argument and in a fight, since she is physically strong. He is often engaged in oriental martial arts.

Yaroslav is kind, principled, she is loved and respected by her peers and adults. She is an excellent student, endowed with many talents, has an aptitude for natural and exact sciences.

Growing up, Yaroslava becomes an assertive, energetic woman who knows how to achieve her goals. Yaroslava is affable and benevolent, but not too sociable. She is a little detached from others.

Yaroslava appreciates real friendship, she has few friends, but they are worthy of her friendship. Yaroslava is beautiful, graceful, has a pronounced personality, good taste, loves comfort and beautiful things.

Yaroslav's men are usually handsome and smart. Men are pleased to communicate with Yaroslava, she knows how to create a feeling of psychological comfort.

In her husband, Yaroslav chooses a man who can give her material well-being and entrance into high society. In marriage, Yaroslava is hampered by excessive love of freedom and the desire for independence.


Yaroslava has a rather strong erotic libido, she loves long sex. Paying first attention to the appearance of a man, she subsequently appreciates in him the mind, strength, life and sexual experience.

However, in choosing a partner, Yaroslav is still guided by his external data. Beauty is her weakness. Unfortunately, a masculine appearance may not hide too much sexual potential.

For Yaroslava, it is important that the partner brings her into a state of strong sexual arousal, otherwise intimacy is unpleasant for her.

Yaroslava is able to break the bond with a man with whom she does not fully experience sensual pleasure, but maintains warm friendly relations with him. With great reluctance, she agrees to give up the primacy in bed to a man, she does this only for fear of losing him.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius.


The sound of Yaroslav's name gives the impression of something warm, kind, light, sonorous, cheerful, bright, joyful.

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