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Meaning of the name

Yana translated from Latin means "the grace of God".


As a child, Yana is stubborn and hysterical, throwing hysterics to her parents, does not hear any persuasion or explanation. Loves to show off, is a little arrogant. At school he studies averagely, does not like to get up early.

Even in high school, Yana has her first love, but no one will ever know about her. Yana is too spoiled by her father, she grows up as a princess. Yana behaves like a little capricious girl, she believes that her whims and whims need to be indulged.

From her husband, Yana expects worship and admiration, looking for a man similar to her father. Yana loves male society, manipulates men skillfully. Yana is mannered, artistic, emotional.

Yana achieves everything she has planned, mainly due to her ability to manipulate people. She loves to dress smartly, does not spare money for expensive outfits and jewelry.

Yana often conflicts with her mother-in-law. What mother would like that her son is firmly stuck under the heel of a flirty and capricious daughter-in-law. Yana loves and pampers her children very much. The husband is happy with family life, he considers Yana to be cheerful and bright, does not understand why his mother does not love her.


Yana is very sexy and uncontrollably strives for sensual pleasure. She spends a lot of effort to look strong and self-reliant. Yana is easily excitable, passion can literally overwhelm her, and, trying to hide her, she begins to portray a little innocent girl who is possessed by an intemperate man. From such a pretense, she feels special pleasure.

After a single sex, she tries not to meet with a partner anymore, or becomes capricious and irritable with him. But if she comes across a tactful and patient man who can take care of the full satisfaction of her desires, both get great pleasure from intimacy.

Yana loves male society, loves the atmosphere of enthusiasm, worship, if she is carried away by a man, she will achieve her goal. It is difficult to please her, she requires long courtship, enthusiastic words, declarations of love before agreeing to intimacy.

Yana is jealous, suspicious, having received evidence of her husband's infidelity, she will not divorce, but will arrange a "good life" for him. In relationships, he likes to be a leader.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Cancer, Leo.


The sound of Jan's name gives the impression of something strong, kind, bright.

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