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Meaning of the name

Kim is an abbreviation of the era of socialism, means "Communist Youth International".


Kim is light and balanced since childhood. He is quite mobile, he does not like to study, but study is given to him very easily.

Kim cannot think over his decisions for a long time, sometimes he does not bring things to the end, mainly when he is not interested.

Kim is quite proud and often feels better than other people. A kind person, he does not like to impose his opinion on others.

Kim lacks the perseverance and ability to concentrate in order to successfully build a career. However, this does not upset him, Kim is used to going with the flow and sacredly believe in his luck and exclusivity.

Lacking constancy and certainty in his soul, Kim can become a good swimmer with the flow, but he is unlikely to ever find a reliable haven in his life.

It is often quite easy to get Kim to do something fast, but it is not logical to do something long-term with him. Can work in politics, lawyer, director, programmer.


Kim, before many of his friends, manages to taste the forbidden fruit and join the intimate side of life, but licentiousness is alien to him.

Kim's sexual need is largely determined by his attitude towards a woman; her trust and emotional closeness are very important to him.

Kim appreciates the beauty of her friend, at the moment of intimacy tells her about it, enveloping intimate relationships with a veil of romance. Kim is characterized by simplicity of feelings, he is able to look at things soberly and not panic.

Kim is capable of handling any psychological obstacle. He always strives for a mutual orgasm, for him this is a kind of method to assert himself in sex and achieve complete relaxation.

Kim expects love, tender words, admiration from her partner. In all manifestations of intimacy, he tries to be open, expecting the same openness from his partner.

Kim does not often try to change partners, and once married, rarely cheats on his wife.

Kim manages to think before acting, caution and intuition help him overcome the difficulties of communicating with a new partner. Sex is serious enough for Kim.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Kim gives the impression of something small, warm.

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