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Meaning of the name

Klim translated from Latin means "merciful".


Klim does not experience deep feelings, and unnecessary experiences do not darken his soul. It's another matter if something touches him for a living! Here Klim is ready to lose his temper with the same ease. It is unlikely that he will puzzle for a long time over how best to act and avoid harmful consequences in case of any conflicts, rather, in his rage, he will do the first thing that comes to his mind, although after the danger has passed, he is will quickly calm down.

In childhood - calm boys, parents do not have grief with them. Kind and inquisitive, growing up, remain the same. Do not strive to be leaders. They don't study well at school, things are better with mathematics. They are honest to the point of being scrupulous: little Klim will bring change from the store to a penny.

A lot in his fate depends on his upbringing and on the conditions of life he is used to. Not that he was overly susceptible to outside influences, just Klim, as a typical extrovert, easily adapts to the environment, he takes it for granted and builds his behavior based on the situation.

So, if Klim's parents attach great importance to education, then Klim will take his studies, although not as seriously as his parents would like, but quite normally. Moreover, his agile mind allows him to quickly memorize information, so he is unlikely to have great difficulties with his studies.

It's another matter if Klim is brought up in unfavorable and harsh conditions or in an atmosphere of violence. This can also become the norm for him, and although he will not become cruel, sometimes his indifference to other people's difficulties and troubles is worse than any cruelty.

It is most favorable if Klim nevertheless learns to restrain his ardent temper or directs his energy into a creative channel. Consistency and restraint are the two main things that he lacks for success.

Do you want adventure or trouble? Then start some kind of dispute with Klim and smoothly go on to discuss the personal qualities of the interlocutor. To extinguish the conflict that has arisen is often possible by allowing Klim to speak out, simply offer him peace. Often, the sense of humor valued by Klim helps out.


Klim clearly separates love and sex. In intimate relationships, he not only seeks sensual pleasure, relaxation, but also seeks to achieve inner comfort, peace of mind. His sexual energy is often directed to the implementation of business plans and is a means of achieving a certain, not sexual, goal.

He knows how to relax in sex, combine romance with eroticism, bring elements of fantasy and play into sexual intercourse. For Klim, erotic foreplay is very important, in love games he is inventive and knows how to give his partner maximum pleasure. But not all Klims are like that, some of them are indecisive (in particular, "January").

Klim is an organized person, this quality is also manifested in intimate relationships with women. He does not like spontaneous sex "hastily", but tries to plan and arrange everything with maximum comfort. He is patient with a partner, knows how to wait and understands her problems.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Klim gives the impression of something small.

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