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Meaning of the name

Camilla translated from Latin means "serves God".


Since childhood, Camilla is a light, emotional, easily excitable person, but her emotions are not at all deep. She is very sociable, never restrains her feelings, she always says what she thinks, not caring at all about the consequences. But everything is forgiven for her lightness and optimism.

Camille usually marries very well. Even without having external beauty, he strikes men outright with his self-confidence, a kind of touching stupidity and lively, agile character. Usually Camilla marries a mature man much older than her, receiving in his person also a rich patron.

Camilla does not like to work, because her inconstancy and impatience simply prevent her from focusing on one thing. Camilla, both in work and in family life, is flighty and capricious. Her husband, in order to create a normal family, should not take his wife's emotional outbursts seriously; it is better to wait calmly until he settles down.

Camilla does not tolerate serious conversations, she is annoyed by scientific terms, philosophizing, the hard look of the interlocutor. It is much more pleasant for her to hear funny jokes, laughter and, of course, compliments addressed to her.


Camilla is emotional, domineering, knows how to get her way. She prefers strong, courageous, young men for sex alone, she enjoys winning over them, dominating the sexual process.

In bed, Camilla is aggressive, easily aroused, takes initiative, but is often capricious. In caresses, a man expects humility, constant confirmation that she is admired. Often, without hesitation, it hurts the partner.

Deceived and disappointed in sex, she becomes for a time angry and vindictive towards all men. Camilla is very fond of publicly exposing her feelings and emotions, because she perceives such behavior as a kind of form of freedom, and also loves theatrical performances, into which she turns everything.

She has a very sensitive body, especially her breasts. During intimacy, Camilla seeks to delight only herself, and therefore often sees in her partner only a tool for satisfying her passion.

Camilla, born in winter, is vain, she can be happy only if she understands that in her sex life one must be able to give, and not just take. She is jealous, but stubbornly hides it. He does not advertise his personal life.

Camilla experiences failures in her intimate life hard, withdrawing into herself for a short time. With men, Camilla is too open and artless, and this brings her a lot of suffering and trouble.


Dark silver.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Camille gives the impression of something refined, beautiful, fragile.

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