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Meaning of the name

Xenia is translated from the ancient Greek "stranger", "guest".


Ksenia in childhood is kind, sensitive and tender. Her honesty towards people often amazes those around her. Ksenia is always ready to help someone who needs her. She is very sweet, obedient and calm.

Ksenia is a good student, she is not lazy, she is very neat and executive. However, she takes everything too close to her heart, is sensitive and too touchy. Growing up, Ksenia becomes a little more balanced and tolerant.

Ksenia, usually gets married early, gives birth to children, becomes an excellent housewife, her career does not work out. Ksenia does not aspire to this, she likes to mess with pots and bowls much more.

Ksenia's husband provides the family well, so Ksenia does not need to work, which she is immensely happy about. If fate forces me to go to work, Ksenia will choose the profession of an accountant, salesperson, commodity expert, nurse.


Ksenia belongs to the type of average sexual constitution, but she herself considers herself to be a cold woman. Ksenia gets married early and at first does not feel any sexual attraction, moreover, her husband's sexual activity may even be unpleasant to her. After the baby is born, she usually begins to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Ksenia is very slowly getting rid of prejudices, ideas about what should be the sexual behavior of a married woman. In the sexual behavior of Xenia, a lot depends on the man and his ability to light her up. He should slowly introduce her into the world of sex, and not try to act too quickly.

Her passion flares up slowly, her need for tenderness is unusually great, she willingly accepts male affection. Moreover, they can mean more to her than intercourse itself, and if a man acts without preparation, Xenia's desire for intimacy can completely disappear.

And gentle touching, stroking, a look that expresses love can be the beginning of an erotic game that will lead to an outbreak of passion and to receiving mutual pleasure.

Ksenia does not like to change anything in her life, she is monogamous.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Aquarius.


The sound of the name Ksenia gives the impression of something affectionate, gentle, fast.

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