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Meaning of the name

Lydia translated from Greek means "inhabitant of Lydia" (from the name of the region in Asia Minor).


Little Lidochka is distinguished by a developed imagination, courage and truthfulness. In addition, she is very persistent - if she decides something, then it is impossible to dissuade her. From childhood, the girl should be taught to control her emotions, not to hurt others with cruel antics or words.

Growing up, Lida becomes more secretive, shows firmness of mind, determination and resourcefulness. Rarely asks for help from others, she solves all emerging problems herself.

He has an analytical mindset, an excellent memory, does not like to study, however, he understands that a good education is the basis of success, so he makes a lot of efforts to master knowledge.

She is very persistent, she moves slowly towards the set goal, never retreats halfway. An extraordinary creative person, somewhat ironic, has an enviable intuition and powerful intellect.

Lydia is extremely sociable, somewhat unbalanced and quick-tempered, which is even good with her character, because with her excessive activity and hard work she is quite capable of "burning out at work."

Loves risk, strives to live intensively. Cannot sit in one place, loves frequent travel and long journeys. Differs in excessive self-confidence, although he hides it from others.

Lydia, born in winter, is distinguished by modesty, a sharp analytical mind, restraint in actions and speeches.

Lydia, born in spring, is sociable and cheerful, respected by friends and acquaintances. Chooses the profession of a musicologist, guide, educator, or is engaged in folk crafts.

Born in the summer, she is modest, responsive, emotional.

Born in the fall, she is extremely decisive and adventurous, distinguished by severity and seriousness. Most often he chooses the profession of teacher, musicologist, accountant, bookkeeper.


Lydia is unusually charming, very feminine, flirtatious and sexy. Possessing an enviable intuition, she can sometimes predict certain events, which allows her to predict how this or that love story will end. She is very hospitable, dresses with impeccable taste, knows how to present herself, and this drives men crazy.

But fans should be extremely careful in their relationship with Lydia. She does not tolerate dishonesty, is prone to bouts of anger and irritability, unbalanced and quick-tempered, extremely envious and rancorous - she can take revenge for an insult even after a few years, when an opportunity presents itself.

If she meets a man with a calm, balanced character, honest and decent, Lydia gives him all her tenderness, becomes a loving wife and mother, and her love flares up more and more over the years. She is able to show tolerance and sacrifice for the sake of loved ones.

She rarely pays due attention to her health, therefore, with age, she suffers from kidney disease, lungs, rapid fatigue, insomnia, migraine, neuroses.


Navy blue.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Scorpio, Sagittarius Capricorn, Pisces.


The sound of the name Lydia gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, smooth, round, kind, light, gentle, feminine, cheerful, bright, joyful.

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