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Meaning of the name

Linda translated from Spanish means "beautiful".


Little Linda is extremely emotional, she often suffers from colds, inflammation of the upper respiratory tract. Very moody, can throw a tantrum. Prefers the company of adults, especially his father.

He tries to take a leading position in any situation. She is capable, persistent, but does not always show persistence in achieving her goal. He is agreeable and kind, learns, as a rule, well, has many friends.

Adult Linda is intelligent, has good taste, refined manners, showing excellent upbringing. She is very inventive, has a developed imagination, thinks creatively, brings her ideas to life thanks to her extraordinary capacity for work. Can achieve success in any field, but prefers the field of art.

Many of Linda's personality traits depend on the time of her birth. For example, "July" is rather closed, does not always know how to control herself. Born in December has a complex character, freedom-loving, devotes a lot of time to communication with influential people. She is very well-read, sometimes she collects books of a certain genre, fills her house with expensive elegant things, loves soap operas.

Linda is balanced and calm, her judgments are paradoxical and interesting, views on life are sometimes very different from the generally accepted ones. She is patient and tolerant, does not like to complicate her life. Tactful, never interfere in other people's affairs.

People around her sometimes consider her indifferent to other people's problems and troubles, but this opinion is wrong. Linda will always help if necessary. She perfectly feels the mood of a person, knows how to surround herself with an aura of calmness and peace, transmitted to others. Kind and cordial, however, she will not allow anyone to exploit her kindness.


Linda is very attractive in appearance, in the choice of outfits and jewelry she shows a refined taste and a sense of proportion, never seeks to impress others, in communication she always tries to be restrained.

Linda is not jealous, respects the independence of her partner, sometimes she can even sacrifice her own love if the chosen one cheated on her. This is not at all evidence of her weakness and submissiveness; rather, on the contrary, it speaks of the strength of the spirit of this woman, who is ready to renounce her happiness for the happiness of her beloved.

Linda feels for her chosen one not only a tender feeling, but also respect, and in his arms she feels safe and calm. She is also interested in the sexual opportunities of her future spouse, so Linda is in no hurry to get married right away, preferring to get to know her partner better.

She needs a special approach, it is especially difficult to please the "winter" Linda, who is very demanding and capricious. If her husband was born in the summer, their family happiness can only be envied. With an "autumn" or "winter" man, marriage will be difficult and unstable.

Linda is a good housewife, loves to do household chores, to keep the house clean and tidy. She loves to do handicrafts, especially knitting and sewing.



A rock

Morion, cat's eye.

Zodiac sign

Aries, Leo.


The word Linda gives the impression of something feminine, good, safe, cheerful, kind, beautiful, smooth, gentle, bright, light, joyful, round.

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