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Meaning of the name

The name originates from the Latin word "Leo" lion and the Greek word "leon" - lion, king of beasts.


He grows up as a calm and somewhat phlegmatic boy. He does not whine over trifles, and if he is hysterical, it means that he was very offended. He is not a bully at school, but he can protect himself and his friends. She enjoys swimming, loves fishing and picking mushrooms.

Persistent in achieving a goal, conscientious in deeds and promises, and thanks to these qualities, over time, occupies a good position in society. The lion is brave to the point of recklessness. Danger intoxicates him like wine! He is also reckless in love - and this especially attracts women to him. He is quick and determined.

He has few envious people and ill-wishers. And this is not surprising: he seems to radiate warmth and kindness, a willingness to always come to the rescue. Leos are especially benevolent to the elderly and the sick, so they often choose the profession of a doctor. They also have such valuable qualities as tolerance and flexibility, the ability to refuse what you want.

Leo is always benevolent to people, regardless of their rank, position and "need" for them. But those around him often do not respond in kind. Gentleness is taken for weakness and provokes a desire to look down on him, get around, "rub off", especially if he is a rival in achieving success.

Leo himself does not really care about it, he managed to get used to it. And only occasionally the accumulated resentment, and not against any particular person, but against all at once, plunges him into despondency. It does not last long, and soon Leo becomes himself again.

But the restraint of the Leo boss is not unlimited, and after a series of soft, correct and polite remarks in the form, he can suddenly allow him to burst into anger. His wife should feel the moment when her husband's long-suffering dries up ... It is not for nothing that Leos value loyalty and kindness in wives most of all.

They drink from time to time, rarely become alcoholics. They like to play noisy games with children.


He is preoccupied with sexual problems and at the slightest failure gives in to panic. Lovingness, which is sometimes noted in adolescence, is most often explained by the lack of confidence in one's potency.

The excitability and sexuality of Leo is slightly below average. His novels sometimes end peacefully, never ending with anything. Women are more likely to see him as a reliable friend than a sexual partner.

Leo values ​​a strong love relationship. He values ​​his partner very much, with whom he has established harmonious relations. Sexual intimacy for him is closely linked with spiritual intimacy. Not with any woman he can go to bed, not everyone is able to excite him. He periodically changes partners, the sexuality of a woman is very important to him.

Leo doesn't like cold women. His erotic caresses are distinguished by sophistication, his love sensuality is very deep. He is a great master of love games. As a rule, Leo lacks self-confidence in a relationship with a woman.

An intimate relationship with his wife is difficult. Often she tries to subjugate him to herself, which he just cannot allow. In women, Leo values ​​loyalty and kindness most of all, attaches great importance to sexual relations.

Lions are not brawlers, but for some reason they come across quite impulsive persons as wives.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Leo gives the impression of something good, beautiful, safe, smooth, round, kind, light, gentle, feminine, cheerful, bright, joyful.

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