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Many tourists like not only to travel, but also to do it with maximum comfort. Let's find out which hotels are considered the most expensive in the world and what, in fact, are rich guests willing to pay for?

The Mansion at MGM Grand. The leader of the rating is The Mansion at MGM Grand, located in the heart of Las Vegas. It has exclusively elite rooms, the cheapest of which will cost $ 5,000, and the most expensive is the four-room suite. And it costs 3 times more. The hotel opened in 1993, but has been renovated 12 years later. There are 506 rooms on 38 floors, each of which has a kitchen with its own set of dishes and a modern TV. It should be noted that the price does not include breakfast, payment is made only for the rooms themselves. There is no shortage of clients in the hotel, they are mostly stars. The most famous guests of the hotel are Oprah Winfrey and Bruce Willis. All the interior decoration of the hotel is completely handmade, even the bronze and crystal door handles and window panes. The design style is dominated by Italy of the 18th century. The hotel rooms are hung about 800 works by Pablo Picasso himself. Inside the premises there is always a constant temperature of 22 degrees, and the staff, of course, is ready to satisfy the client at any time of the day or night.

North Island. Located in the Seychelles, the North Island 4-star hotel offers rooms, the cheapest of which is $ 3,000. Vacationers are offered to rent a small house on the private island of North, and the most expensive villa of three rooms in a secluded corner with a private beach will cost $ 5600. All-inclusive system is used in customer service. However, you still have to pay for exclusive cocktails and expensive champagne. This hotel was chosen by the stars of Hollywood Pierce Brosnan and Sarah Michelle Gellar. The hotel can be compared to a good model of Robinson Crusoe Island. There are 11 villas in the hotel, each of which is equipped with air conditioning, Internet, private kitchen, telephone and TV. It is interesting that in the hotel guests do not eat à la carte. Upon arrival each guest, the chef learns his gastronomic preferences, following an individual approach. Guests are offered dishes of different cuisines - from standard European to exotic African. You can relax both with the help of active types - diving, kayaking, and relaxing in the pool or in the SPA center.

Fregate Island. On the same Seychelles there is the Fregate Island hotel, the rooms on which are not much cheaper, the villa will cost "only" $ 2,700. And here, in addition to accommodation, the price includes a full diet. In this hotel, while still married, Bradd Pitt and Jennifer Aniston loved to relax. Claudia Schiffer also loved to stay here. The island has everything to give rich people the opportunity to retire and relax all the fuss and attention. And for children there is their own territory, where they will be entertained by trained animators and nannies. It pays close attention to the whims of tourists, so 40 people are guests as many as 100 people of staff. The 16 villas available here are made in Thai style from mahogany, and they are trimmed with Thai silk and fine Egyptian cotton. All rooms are located on the tops of the hills, the windows offer amazing views of the ocean, and two villas are also located in their own gardens, which is recommended for families with children. The hotel has its own two yachts and a full set of necessary technical equipment for guests.

Eco-hotel Singita. In the Kruger National Park, in the Republic of South Africa, there is an eco-hotel Singita, which costs $ 2,000 a day. The price includes everything except champagne. The hotel is designed for the wealthy people who come here to play golf and enjoy the wildlife. It is not surprising that several gorgeous golf courses have been created around the hotel, and the most famous guest is the legendary golfer Tiger Woods. Despite the stylish appearance of the building, finished with rare local ebony, minimalism reigns inside. But guests are offered the opportunity to sleep not only in the rooms, but also on the balconies. After all, a night under the stars is the object of dreams of even prominent figures in sports and show business. From 1925 to 1994, a private hunting reserve was located here; it was not so long ago that tourists began to be allowed here. Safari lovers will be able to see all the "big five" here - elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino. Guests are also encouraged to practice shooting sports, go fishing or visit the local Shangaan village.

Le Toiny. On the Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy, there is the fashionable Le Toiny hotel, where a night in a two-room suite costs 2000 dollars. For an extra room, you will have to pay an extra thousand. Breakfasts are served here free of charge, and among the guests you can find Halle Berry. The Le Toiny hotel itself is, oddly enough, a four-star hotel. The cabins are reminiscent of plantation huts, they are very comfortable to live in, and the local cuisine deserves the best compliments. In a local restaurant, the chef is referred to as an artist. The cuisine has French and Creole roots. On Tuesdays at the restaurant you can taste the "Fish Fair", which will introduce you to all the culinary diversity of the underwater world surrounding the island.

Wakaya Club. The Wakaya Club hotel is located in Fiji. Founded in 1990, it has already won several hospitality awards. If ordering a simple room costs $ 2,000 a day, then a huge villa with three rooms will cost three times as much. The minimum booking period is five days. Michelle Pfeiffer, Russell Crowe and Nicole Kidman were guests of the Wakaya Club. The hotel has only nine cottages, TVs and telephones are not welcome here, But the guests are offered an excellent selection of books, tennis and golf courses, as well as scuba diving or just soak up the white sand. There is an open-air restaurant in the palm grove. The paradise place attracts many celebrities, Celine Dion, who was visiting here in 1994, admitted that she was ready to burst into tears, leaving the island. Guests are offered private beaches, golf, tennis, croquet, going out on a yacht to the sea, you can go fishing, swimming, diving and exploring the reefs.

Turtle Island. In Fiji, there is also another famous hotel - Turtle Island. Rooms here range from $ 1,900 to $ 2,200 and are all-inclusive. Celebrities in love strive for this romantic place - here was Tom Cruise with Penelope Cruz, as well as Britney Spears with Kevin Feederline. The shores of a fabulous private island dream of filming in his film almost every Hollywood director who needs views of palm trees and beaches. On "Turtle Island" is the famous Blue Lagoon - the real kingdom of corals, underwater plants and animals, turtles and exotic fish. The owner of the island, American Richard Evanson, strives to preserve the pristine beauty of this place, which is why few people have access to it. All 14 bungalows with thatched roofs are located right on the seafront, each guest has a private beach at their disposal.

Huka Lodge, New Zealand, was founded back in 1920 by a young Irishman, Alain Pai. He was so inspired by the beauty of this place that he decided to build a lodge here. Today, an overnight stay here will cost $ 1,500. The hotel's website has a list of celebrity guests including the Queen of Great Britain and Prince Philip, Dick Cheney and Michael Douglas, Barbara Streisand and Bill Gates. The area around the hotel is literally created for fishing and hunting. According to rumors, the Queen Mother, who was staying here, fished right from the balcony of her room. The lodge is a small house on the banks of the river, not far from Lake Taupo, the largest on the North Island. On three sides, the place is surrounded by dense forest, through which cozy paths are laid. The house has a large living room with a fireplace and 20 comfortable rooms.

Burj Al Arab. The Burj Al Arab in the United Arab Emirates is a unique seven-star establishment of its kind. This hotel is considered the most luxurious in the world. A simple double room will cost $ 1,400 here, while the royal apartments will cost $ 7,000. Breakfasts are not included in the price, their price starts from $ 50. This hotel has been visited by a large number of celebrities, including David Beckham with his wife Victoria, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. The hotel hosted prominent politicians - Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandella. Today, a whole city of the future is being built in Dubai; Burj Al Arab became its first striking skyscraper designed to lure wealthy tourists. The hotel is located on its own artificial island, its appearance resembles a giant sail, which gave it its nickname. It is here that the tallest hotel lobby in the world reaches 180 meters. Although the hotel has "only" 27 floors, it should be noted that each room is two-story.

Little Palm Island. The American hotel Little Palm Island, located on an island in Florida, was also included in the honorable list. The simplest room there will cost $ 1400, you will have to pay for food, and not cheap. So, one cup of coffee costs $ 7. However, such services do not scare away the stars, Cameron Diaz and Sandra Bullock were repeatedly spotted here. There are 30 bungalows on the island, there is no telephony here, in principle, as well as television and even alarm clocks. An oasis among the palm trees seems to be created for hippies, but here, of course, you will not find them. You will not find children here either, according to the hotel owners, only those who are 16 years old can move in here, so as not to distract guests from real rest.

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