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Meaning of the name

Maxim translated from Latin means "the greatest".


A wonderful, problem-free child. Maxim is not interested in anything: he collects stamps, reads books that are not included in the program, goes to children's performances. He has a rich imagination and diverse knowledge.

But the adult Maxim is not doing well. The trouble is that he lacks strong-willed qualities, he is not sure of himself, in business he lacks perseverance and assertiveness. He lacks "punchy" abilities, and the belief in success is undermined by the habit of doubting everything. It is good if there is a person next to him who understands this and provides him with moral support.

Maxim lives with an open soul, he is benevolent to people, sympathizes with them and is always ready to help. Setting only on a good beginning in a person prevents Maxim from distinguishing good people from bad, and he often suffers from this. Not a careerist, but if he gets carried away with something, he reaches great heights.

He is a decisive person who knows how to convince anyone of anything. And when it comes to feelings and love, he simply has no equal. He has a talent for manipulating people.

Maxim is incredibly arrogant and just obsessed with his pride. He has a vivid imagination, amazing memory and sense of humor. Maxim feels himself the master of life - and not without reason!

Maxims make good photographers, journalists, politicians. Required. Maxim very early begins to get involved in girls. He conquers them with his patience: he will calmly wait for his wife to look away from the mirror, although there are only a few minutes left before the concert, he will remain calm even when she, frustrated by troubles at work, “breaks down” on her husband.

Maxim's patience is truly unlimited, but this does not mean that you can neglect his opinion. Getting down to business, making a decision, it is better to find out what Maxim thinks about this - it is extremely important for him for self-affirmation.

Loves children, willingly takes them to kindergarten and reads fairy tales. Maxim usually has no problems with his wife's parents. Amorous, however, it rarely comes to betrayal. This is partly due to the fact that Maxims choose powerful women as wives and are a little afraid of them.

Maxim needs to be protected from alcohol and drugs. The instinct of self-preservation is very developed. Weak organs - kidneys, urinary tract, prostate.


For Maxim, born in summer, a woman's love evokes a natural response, but at the moment of intimacy he often disappoints his partner, because he loves not so much her as himself in this love, and he does not always manage to realize his sexual talent.

However, this problem is not insurmountable for Maxim. He is characterized by some simplicity of feelings, he is able to look at things soberly and not panic in difficult times. He is able to cope with any psychological obstacle.

Maxim strives for mutual orgasm, for him this is a way to assert himself in sex and achieve relaxation. He wants his partner to love him, say affectionate words, admire him - from her words he gets especially excited.

In all manifestations of intimacy, Maxim tries to be open, assuming the same openness from his girlfriend. He is not inclined to frequently change partners, and when he gets married, he rarely cheats on his wife.

Maxim is able to reflect before taking action; caution and intuition help him overcome the difficulties of communicating with a new partner.

Sex for Maxim is too serious a thing to act spontaneously, without thinking everything thoroughly. Maxim's relationship with a temperamental and at the same time gentle, affectionate woman can become happy.

Maxim, born in November, is stubborn in the family, persistent in intimate relationships, does not tolerate objections or refusal. He tries to find a spouse with whom a complete understanding develops, including in sex.

Maxim loves to speculate with his wife on intimate topics after intercourse, with pleasure he listens to her compliments about his sexual capabilities.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Maxim gives the impression of something cold, slow, passive, dull, sad.

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