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Meaning of the name

Mark translated from Latin means "hammer".


Mark is the name of a sober, practical and independent person. It is easy to see that among most of the other names used in Russia, it sounds like a foreign one, which, of course, will somehow affect Mark's self-awareness.

Usually a person with this name has an increased pride, which, combined with poise and disinclination to painful self-reflection, is quite capable of developing into a feeling of his right to some superiority. However, the practical Mark, in order to avoid misunderstandings, will most likely prefer not to show this conceit to others.

Despite his sober mind, Mark is still far from lacking in imagination and daydreaming. Another thing is that his dreams usually have a fairly solid foundation and are completely different from romantic soaring in the clouds.

Undoubtedly, Mark is very ambitious, but at the same time he tries not to forget about the purely material side of life. With a strong character and good strong-willed qualities, Mark can achieve noticeable success in life, and obvious diplomatic abilities can make him a good leader.

The only pity is that in some cases, Mark seeks to fill the insufficient depth of his feelings with logic and acting. In addition, preferring to hide his negative emotions in public, he can give them free rein in the circle of his loved ones. If, in addition to this, he begins to play out a certain warmth of relations for approval in the team, then over time this can displace real warmth from his soul.

In general, you can wish him more sincerity in relationships and delve more into the problems of loved ones. Otherwise, his severity can create a rather cold and tense relationship in the family.

With a practical Mark, it is best to speak in the language of logic, highlighting specific benefits and prospects. It is difficult to expect that he will start a scandal with colleagues or with unfamiliar people, however, if this happens, then you can try to correct the situation with the help of calm humor.

Mark is self-centered, and this trait can be easily discerned in early childhood. In adulthood, she will successfully disguise herself with a charming smile, emphasized by politeness and readiness for self-sacrifice. Markusha does everything to ensure that mom, dad, grandfather, grandmother and guests are engaged only in him.

At school, he is jealous of the success of his peers, cannot stand their superiority, but he tries to hide his feeling of envy. He behaves in the same way as an adult: he is quite tolerant of those who reread him and do not consider his interests. Here, apparently, career considerations affect.

Mark almost always has a good library at home, in which foreign authors predominate, he subscribes many newspapers. He likes to play cards, gets angry when he loses, can behave at the same time unceremoniously.

Marries very carefully. He is looking for a woman who could become his impeccable friend, an unquestioning helper, a person who can sacrifice her interests in the name of her husband's ambitious plans. In addition, she must acknowledge the undoubted intellectual superiority of Mark, even if not. A woman with a pronounced personality, creatively gifted will most likely annoy and oppress Mark.

He is pragmatic and secretive. Even for those closest to him, he is never fully open. In everyday life, he is unassuming. In the house - the owner, "all the head". He brings up children in severity and obedience, sometimes shows excessive harshness towards them. Likes to prove his own, argues. She loves talking with his wife and mother-in-law about her illnesses.


He will not resort to violence, he is an experienced man and knows how to persuade a woman. An unsatisfied partner does not leave Mark, he is attentive to her, and he is more worried about his girlfriend's experiences than his own. He knows how to please.

Mark is firm in his decisions and is not influenced by others. If he decided to start a family, he will not ask anyone for advice. He decides his fate himself.

In marriage, she strives to be a leader, must be aware of the events taking place in the family, she certainly wants to take part in solving global issues. She reserves the last word. Likes to be looked after like a child.


Brick scarlet.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Mark gives the impression of something heavy, courageous, cold, mighty, big, sad.

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