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Meaning of the name

Mary in translation from Hebrew means "bitter", "sad", according to another version of the translation - "beloved", "stubborn".


Little Maria is a kind, gentle, calm girl. She loves messing around with her younger brothers and sisters. Masha is extremely sensitive, touchy, painfully perceives even a minor remark.

Growing up, shows firmness of character, can stand up for himself. She can be wayward and capricious, somewhat impulsive. Maria is extremely responsible, studies well, enjoys authority among classmates, as she is extremely hardworking and knows how to empathize with other people's grief.

Adult Maria is affectionate, attentive and caring. Someone else's misfortune makes her an instinctive desire to help. She spreads an aura of spiritual warmth around her, warming everyone who is nearby.

Prefers professions related to the upbringing of children (teacher, nanny or educator, head of the circle, psychologist), after getting married, he devotes himself entirely to the role of wife and mother.

Maria is a faithful and caring spouse, loves children and is very much loved by them. She develops a good relationship with her mother-in-law, if the latter is old and helpless. Maria often does not get along with a young, healthy mother-in-law who does not need her daughter-in-law's care. The betrayal of her spouse deeply hurts Maria, because of this, she can become depressed.


Maria is extremely sexy, although she gives the impression of a somewhat constrained, cold woman. In fact, she considers sex as fun, pleasure, selflessly gives herself up to love play.

If the behavior of her partner in bed does not suit Maria in any way, she never speaks about it aloud, but tactfully tries to correct her partner's mistake simply by proposing a different scenario of a love game.

Maria is extremely jealous, so she tries to squeeze everything possible out of a man so that he does not have the strength for another woman. Having caught the chosen one in infidelity without regret breaks off relations with a partner.

The exception is Mary, born in the summer. She is patient, knows how to forgive betrayal, restrained, careful, sexual intimacy for her is possible only in a familiar environment and at night. In other conditions, she feels constrained, restless, cannot relax and does not receive pleasure.

Mary, born in the fall, is somewhat suspicious, she experiences a love failure as the greatest tragedy of her life, she may even fall into depression.

For Mary, born in winter, sex and love are inseparable and interdependent, the deeper her feelings, the more passionately she surrenders and the more frank she is in intimacy.


Lilac red.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo, Pisces.


The sound of the name Maria gives the impression of something good, powerful.

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