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Meaning of the name

Margarita translated from Latin means "pearl".


Little Margarita is a very independent and curious girl. Her views are distinguished by straightforwardness, and Margarita expresses her opinion directly to her face, without hesitation, which sometimes confuses parents and guests.

People around her perceive her straightforwardness and categoricalness as rudeness and bad manners, so parents must make a lot of efforts to soften and smooth out these unpleasant traits of Margarita's character.

Growing up, Margarita is distinguished by good logical thinking, a sharp mind, ingenuity and cunning. She has good relationships with classmates, many friends and girlfriends, but real friends are either few or none at all.

The reason for this state of affairs is simple: Margarita is not a reliable friend because of her inherent inner insecurity. She studies well, loves to play sports, enjoys studying biology, plays chess masterfully.

The adult Margarita is quite practical, most often she works in leadership positions. He doesn't like monotonous work, even if he gets good money for it. She loves to travel, therefore she often chooses a profession associated with long trips and frequent business trips.

Margarita is by no means patient, does not like to wait, wants to get everything at once. Perhaps that is why she marries the first person she likes and most often such a marriage is unhappy.

After a divorce, which she is going through very hard, she quickly remarries, and again not for great love, but only trying to prove something to someone or get rid of the feeling of uselessness.

Margarita loves the company of men, is flirtatious, and often gives her husband grounds for jealousy. Dislikes working in the garden, in the garden or in the country. She also does not like to cook very much, but for the arrival of guests she can prepare such a wonderful dinner that she will shock the people who know her well.

A good mother, she devotes a lot of time to raising children in whom she does not like souls.


Margarita is very sentimental, sensitive, dreams of great and pure love. If she experienced this exciting feeling in her youth, she will remember her first love all her life.

She adores physically strong men, it gives her a special pleasure to command them in bed. She can get real satisfaction from intimacy only if she controls her partner. In sex, she shows strong emotions, breakup with a partner is very acute, falling into depression.

Independent and freedom-loving Margarita builds her personal life as she sees fit, regardless of generally accepted norms. She has a huge sexual temperament, is able to bring a man to a state of ecstasy.

He often prefers young, inexperienced men, in front of whom he can give free rein to his sexual fantasy, introducing a partner into the world of unforgettable sensations. Margarita is interested in erotic literature, loves to talk with men about sex, but relies more on her own experience.

Born in the summer, Margarita prefers strong, assertive and somewhat aggressive men to whom she could give up the initiative in sex. She is indecisive and overly sensitive, she needs an experienced partner who will "master her".

"Autumn" Margarita experiences many disappointments before finding a partner with whom she can achieve sexual harmony. She should not associate her life with a "winter" man, but "spring" and "summer" partners are quite suitable for her.


Pink-blue, lilac.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Taurus, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.


The sound of the name Margarita gives the impression of something courageous, powerful.

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