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Meaning of the name

Matvey translated from Hebrew means "granted by the Lord."


Matvey is usually a long-awaited child in the family. Parents have high hopes for him. He grows strong, healthy, does not bother anyone with his whims. He does not fight with boys in the yard and does not run in puddles. Very honest: if he was sent to the store, then the change can not be counted.

At school he studies without enthusiasm, but with diligence. And having started to work, he works more out of a sense of duty than driven by enthusiasm. For an adult Matthew, not everything is as smooth in life as for little Matyusha. He is honest, devoid of ambitious plans. Their main feature is extreme modesty. They quietly and patiently do their job, not expecting rewards.

It happens that Matvey suddenly wakes up a fighting spirit - and then, it seems, he is ready to sweep everything out of his way! However, before the last sound of the battle trumpet has ceased, Matvey instantly calms down, forgets about his impulse and returns to his former calm life.

Matvey does not tolerate conflict situations. He just feels sick when he is their witness or participant. Peacekeeping is in Matvey's blood. Matvey does not reach a high position in life.

Matvey's marriage is rarely happy, but having made children, he will patiently bear his cross. He is a loving son, but his wife does not get along well with her mother-in-law, and this is another matter of concern for Matvey.

Intuition is well developed, and Matvey often relies on it. All sorts of ideas and unbridled imagination gives a lot of trouble, but this is also interesting. Matvey has firm moral principles and lives in accordance with them.


His sexual development is somewhat slow. Later than others, he pays attention to this side of life, is fond of sports, reads a lot. However, the "December" Matvey does not lag behind his peers in sexual development, showing no less interest in the opposite sex. In adulthood, he is very sexy and experienced in intimate relationships, loves beautiful women.

Most often, Matvey's wife becomes his first partner. Before the wedding, he fails to assess his sexual capabilities and requirements, and such a marriage can end in divorce if the wife does not make every effort to become for him not only a good wife, but also an excellent lover.

Knows how to give relationships a refined erotic character. Prefers fellatio and other foreplay. He cares where to make love, loves comfort and a relaxed atmosphere, hates interference and nervousness.

First of all, he seeks to satisfy the woman, and then himself. Does nothing under duress, achieves mutual understanding with any partner. His goal in intimate relationships is to give his girlfriend the greatest pleasure, especially loves joint orgasm.

In love, he is characterized by independence, independence, a categorical unwillingness to obey anyone. He does not experience a storm of passions with every partner, but it is not in his rules to leave a woman offended and unhappy.

He tries to explain himself to an unsuitable partner, gives weighty arguments in favor of their incompatibility, without prejudice to her dignity. He is trying with all his might to make the gap less painful.

The greatest family happiness can be obtained with a "summer" wife. He is a good family man, a devoted husband. Loves children, devotes a lot of time to them, is engaged in education. He does not tolerate the mistrust of his wife, her persecution infuriates him, can lead to divorce. The spouse's talkativeness and grumpiness are irritating.


Light brown.

A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Matvey gives the impression of something safe.



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